Just a question about the 737 family

will there be time to see a 737 livery without winglets (actual no winglets) we know the model is kinda old but is it possible to see a no winglet version on the 737NG ingame?
Sorry if its short but im wondering if this 737 variant can be changed


It most likely is (as the configuration for winglets on aircraft is literally like selecting which two Lego to put together per livery), but with the only common aircraft in the Infinite Flight fleet having this being Korean Air.

If the developers get to a point of working on the older series I imagine this will be a possible sight, much like the 757.


if this were to happen, it would be a full rework, in real life for example, before winglets were put onto aircraft, it was winglet-less. This means that the wings are different and would have different physics

Also I know its very rare these days but at least its still operating and would be great for 90s-early 2000s airlines that bought them

Both the 757 with and 757 without winglets share the same physics. Removing the winglets from the current 737s would be easy enough but there would need to be some 3D modeling done to make it look proper.

Fun Fact: Alaska Airlines’ only 737 without winglets is a -900 with the registration N303AS. It’d be a pretty neat addition if the devs made an additional winglet-less version, like the splits.

Oh yea its even on the new livery


It would need a physics change that would come with a full rework

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pretty sure SAS also has some -800’s without winglets

I would love to see it! If there is a topic for the 737 without winglets, you got my vote!

I think theres a topic for Malev 737-700 without winglets but idk

Yes I think there still in service

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They all look nice!

I Agree and maybe confusing if someone says its a -400 but nope -800

It does look like a 400 lol but it’s a 800 but it look’s retro and nice!

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Oh yea this is only for the 737 family and not older models like (767, E Jet family etc)

That would be amazing too see. I want to see the 737-600 and -400s especially. Hopefully we get an update with them in the game and maybe earlier or later an update adding the MAX series.

Just make a poll ! 😉

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