Just a question about ATC

How can you tell ATC that you have now flue left or you are really low on fuel like 2% left?

There is a low fuel option available if you have about 30 minutes of fuel left.

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An emergency request button will pop up. Send “emergency fuel” and ATC will give you priority, so you can land as quickly as possible.

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As stated above, there is an option for emergency fuel.

However, this only appears in certain situations to prevent abuse. For example, if you take off 10 minutes away without enough fuel and try to declare an emergency, you won’t be able to. It is not fair to those who have been waiting in the approach queue for 20 minutes.

Also note that ATC can only do so much. A straight line is about the best they can get and depending on flow and winds that may or may not be possible. Your best course of action is to divert to the nearest field and land there.Also if you are already following the line in, there is no benefit in making the others go around just for you. You are going to use that fuel regardless.


Yeah OK but I had 10 minutes fuel left. and I was looking for the option but it wasn’t there

How long was your flight?

2m34m but I had to divert to a different airport because I couldn’t hold the pattern work and diverted to a different airport

You had 1% fuel after 2+hr flights? In that case you should have been able to make emergency call to atc.

There are many topic regarding this. Check them out first

Thank you so much, I will look into these topics

Highly recommend using fpltoif to calculate your flight plan, this will also give you the fuel needed to safely reach your destination. If flying into a FNF controlled field then worth adding an extra 20mins fuel for holding.

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