Just a Q400

So my sister was leaving to go back to school and I decided to take a photo of the Horizon air aircraft


Love it 😍😁

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That’s beautiful!😍


The old Alaska livery and the Q400 specials rock, thanks for sharing!

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Does it say Idaho?


Yessir it does.

Nice photo, I love Alaska’s Dash-8 specials! Shame there was a fence in the way though.

Didn’t know they had such specials! Cool!

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Oh boy do I got some news for you:

Those are just a few, they do have a whole lot more!

Lovely job @Qatari777YT, plane looks lovely!


lol…the only q400 special liveries I have flown on is the Idaho vandals, and Retro Horizon air.

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Yep horizon got a few livery’s on the football teams too

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