Just a normal flight…

Hello there! Ever gone into IF orbit?

Server: Casual
Plane: F22 Raptor
Location: ???

After a long time of falling down at the airport of lydenburg (FALL), it was finally time to go up.

Goodbye South Africa!

Passing the Karman line (400000 feet)

Over 10 million feet already! We are over Kenya I think

Hello Middle East and bye Africa! Cant believe we made such a long route in just 20 minutes.

At 41 million feet. Switching to satellite mode, providing IF with 4K scenery.

Thanks for viewing my photos! Hope you enjoyed it.

Have a good day!


I wanted to try this when I discovered lydenburg, but I just spun around in the ground and I couldn’t launch myself to space like always 😔


same, it just flips over its sooooo annoying


@Kazibazi @member_of_oneworld try to put your plane nose up as perpendicular to the ground as possible


And @Lufthansa1 this is a beautiful view and joke. Next time for space content pin me;)


I’ve done 90 million before with a glitch >:)

How to do it, go on short final and when when your about to land pause it for 5 minutes then continue to land like normal, then go in the reply (DO NOT FAST FORWARD IT) when which you plane what it would like like landing but then your plane starts to float up very fast (400+ knots) and into space
Just a tip for people who don’t know how,
But @Lufthansa1 love the picture 🤩

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Looks normal to me


how do you get to space??

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I will DM you

ok thanks!