Just a midair refueling exercise

Today my friend and I decided to do a short midair refueling flight. It went pretty smooth seeing this as my first time doing midair refueling

Expert server
A-10 Warhog (303rd FS Whiteman AFB livery)
1hr7mins including time on the ground
Midair refueling exercise

Just flying over San Diego

Cockpit view

Trying to line up with the tanker

Seconds from refueling

Refueling in progress

Some nice formation turn while heading back

Another cockpit view(Pretty epic how I managed to get this just as the strobes flash)

Tower view from some airport

A-10 comparison with le tanker


Those are some awesome screenshots! The sky colours are beautiful!

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AR 1st time…at night…bold move Cotton!

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Sometimes you just have to challenge yourself ya’know :)