Just a Low Cost European Flight Between Two 3D Airports

I haven’t been flying much to/out of 3D airports much since they came to IF because I prefer avoiding the big generic airports everyone else flies to. However the devs have been releasing some smaller 3D airports in the recent update which is ideal for me.

It’s also nearly been a month since I did a flight with @easyJetVirtual so I decided to do a round trip from Basel to Funchal! plus I really love this easyJet livery :)

Route Info:

Flight numbers: EZS1007 & EZS1008
Departure Airport: Basel Mulhouse-Freiburg EuroAirport
Arrival Airport: Funchal (Madeira) Cristiano Ronaldo Airport
Aircraft: easyJet 2015 livery A320-200
Flight Times: 3h 26m & 3h 31m

Departed Basel at 3pm local time

Crossing the France-Spain border over the Pyrénées Mountains

Passing Lisbon and leaving mainland Europe behind

Circle approach to runway 07 at Funchal

Pushed back and on the way back to Basel after completing the outbound with some views of the Funchal terminal :)

Banking sharply after take off to avoid the terrain
Taking off at 6:15pm local time meaning we’re gonna arrive at night time back in Basel 👀

It is already 10pm local time and just beginning the descent in 5km visibility

Finally touching down after a total of 6 hours and 57 minutes of flight time with the main terminal in the background

Arrived at the gate 🥳

As much as I’m not a big fan of Switzerland and the Alps this was a really enjoyable route. Basel and Funchal airports are looking pretty good and I’ll be flying more EZYVA routes from Basel.

Looking forward to seeing smaller airports like this these getting 3D buildings & terminals in the future! I really much prefer seeing these rather than big hubs in the US and western Europe.

Thank you for viewing my photos, hope you enjoyed!


You and me both!
Looks like a beautiful flight! I have both Basel and Funchal on my list, I just need to find the time to fly there.


That’s good to hear and good luck!

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I agree that the smaller 3D airports have encouraged me to do some really interesting routes! I can’t agree with you about Switzerland and the alps though 😉 …Sion, Lugano and Innesbruck are my most wanted for new 3D buildings.

A great flight blog and pics !

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That’s just my personal preference haha, I’m sure the alps are lovely in real life but in IF I prefer flying around the Himalayas, the Andes and the Pamir, Alay & Tien-Shan mountain ranges that span across Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and western China

Thank you appreciate it!

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Its probably more about what we’re familiar with in real life…sadly for me all those exotic Asian and Middle Eastern mountain regions are unreachable and the geography a mystery…

I was lucky to be able to visit Switzerland, Northern Italy and Austria a couple of times so its kind of more familiar .