Just a few quick question for Expert ATC

  • When you become an Expert ATC Controller, do you still pay the exact amount of money for Infinite Flight Pro subscription or do you get sponsored by the developers? Or maybe a discount / still able to control Expert ATC without having a subscription…

  • What is the difference between IFATC and IFAE?

  • Do Expert ATC Controller have a special group chat? For example: They need an Approach Controller, because a lot of planes are coming in, but you as Tower Controller can’t handle all these planes.

  • Is it possible to play on a smartphone as ATC Controller on Expert? (I will buy a new iPad in the near future, because I need one for personal reasons, but that doesn’t mean I can’t play IF on my new iPad :) )

  • Is preparation needed before opening ATC?

  • Why did you become an Expert ATC Controller?

Sorry if I’m asking too much questions, just curious…


I think they use Slack but I could be wrong.


Q1. Yes, we pay the same amount of money as everyone else.

Q2. IFATC is Infinite Flight Air Traffic Controlling crew, and IFAE is something else (IDK someone cross check)

Q3. Yes. We use a system called Slack.

Q4. Yes it is possible to play on a smartphone. Although, the bigger the screen, I find it easier.

Q5. Yes, most of the time. We put as much preparation as we need.

Q6. What Brandon_Sandstrom said below


Nope we pay just like you do as a pilot

IFAE is a pilot thing

Yes we use Slack

Possible but hard [quote=“Christian-W, post:1, topic:301843”]
Is preparation needed before opening ATC?

Some what not a ton though

Cause I was sick of pilots not listening to instructions.


Much different response on that last question :)

Thank you for answering my questions! I have the same feeling as you, when I try to be a nice ATC, people don’t listen to my instructions. Maybe that’s for me a good reason to become a Expert ATC :)

Thanks for answering my questions, but what do you exactly mean with: ‘A system called Slack’ is it an app? Like people use WhatsApp to talk to each other?

It’s like Discord if you know what discord is. A way for us to communicate over chat. Discord without voice channels.

Ahhh… I get it. Thanks!

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All 117,000 of my ATC operations have been on an iPhone. :)


Wow, that’s really a lot… I just got 500 operations. 😅

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  1. I wanted the most realistic experience possible in the simulator.
  2. So I can learn more about Air Traffic Controllers.
  3. For a different perspective in the simulator.
  4. Meet more aviation enthusiasts.
  5. And of course to have fun!
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Yes. I fly and controlling in a Samsung S8 device.

IFAE is a flying VO and IFATC is a controller based VO,although most IFAE members are in IFATC

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It’s possible to control on a phone, but not ideal.

Is the screen large enough for you to control optimally? Meaning see everything you need to see and maintain control of the airspace/field? Not in my experience.

It’s perfectly functional if you’re only concerned with giving commands. If you like to pay attention to what else is going on and be able to see it while issuing those commands (e.g. the guy who thought you wouldn’t notice him taxi straight over the terminals to beat another to the runway), a smartphone isn’t very ideal.

I totally agree with you, right now playing on a iPhone X (5,8 inch). It’s fine for flying a plane, but for ATC, the map size is horrible. I can easily press the wrong instructions if I’m not paying attention. Maybe because I have big fingers, but in the near future I will buy a iPad (2019) or iPad Pro (2). I bet the iPad mini isn’t also the best screen size for IF ATC.

Yeah you can use a phone but a tablet is better. A stylist (ex: note pen) would help press buttons accurately. I use a tablet because it helps me see everything better but using Trio as an example it is personal preference.
Edit: I am IFATC and it is great but if you aren’t super confident with your skills Trio runs a group to help aspirating controllers hone in on their skills.

Before opening, I like to have a plan. A plan that would allow you to move traffic in and out as safely, and efficiently as possible. This is especially important when controlling radar, as you need to keep aircraft clear of terrain, and deal with high amounts of them. You also should know if your airport requires a back-taxi, or has a quirky layout. You should only open when you have considerable time available, as you must open for 30min or 1 hour, on class charlie and class bravo airports airspace’s respectively.

I wish you all the best on your IFATC journey.


The iPhone X I did try once, pretty horrible for controlling because it has no chin or forehead to grab a hold of so you’re costantly misclicking things. My two hands or hand kept acting as a third or fourth touch point, very hard to get used to.

I use an iPhone 6s, wouldn’t change that’s all I ever use. I tried an iPad and hated it, but that’s just my preference. There’s a good amount of controllers who use a smartphone, just a lot more zooming in and out which you’d see in my recorded sessions if I showed them to you.

I’d suggest finding a friend who has an iPad and try it to see if you like it before investing in one.


My preferences has always been, bigger is better. By the way I heard you are running a ATC training group? If so, maybe I will join your group about 2 weeks. At the moment I don’t have a lot of time, but im definitely sure about 2 weeks from now.

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