Junkers Ju-52

This is such an amazing plane and it would be so great to have in IF. <3


Wow seen an Airshow of that plane. its beautiful yes :) We need more WW2 planes in IF! also Messersmitchs :D

yes wanted this livery, its good learning to control on Landing. Its very heavy to landing for new Pilots how me.

I think the F13 should be added first.

The Ju-52 is still flying, so I think it should be added first

The Ju-13 is nice, too ;)


Max Sez… Auntie Ju! She’s the Lufthansa Mascot! Used to fly out of Templehof all the time on tourist runs. They moved here when Old Berlin closed! Any of my German friend know if she’s still trucken or in the museum?
(52 & Ford Tri-Motor where kinda twins back in the the day. Still some Fords around. Flew one out to Martha Vineyard years ago. A flyin tin lissey)

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She´s still flying through Germany in the summer :D @Maxmustang

Unfortunately a structural part of the tail broke in summer 2015 (engineers are fixing it this winter)

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There is one more in southwest Germany still up and running.

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Which reg?

Would you mind to follow the link to check the reg, please.


Which company is this (because LH only operates the “D-AQUI”)

@mbmhwue148. Just noted the livery on your bird Martin. It’s “Auntie Ju” bring back fine memories of my first trip to the Alp’s & Bavaria! Saw her fly by in Munich during Octoberfest 71;

" Those where the days…"

Great :D I watched her flying, too long time ago… She is sooo beautiful. I’d love flying her :)