Juneyao Air B787-9 Poll | Winner Announced

Ayo my boy
Silk Ribbon Gang is joined willingly. Fourthnebula919!

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The floral one has my vote! Looks very colourful!😍


Has to be Colourful Floral, it is just incredible!

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I can’t wait to see them join the infinite flight!❤️

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The n*3 choice looks better, yeah what about the Qatar airways FIFA world cup livery 🇶🇦🇶🇦, l am really looking for it, l expected to be added before the world cup start, but I still have a hop til now.

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This is being added and not an American 787-8 or United 787-8?



If you would like to see the American 787-8 or the United 787-8 added in the future to Infinite Flight, then you can vote for their respective feature requests linked below. Voting for feature requests are the best way to show your support.

Additionally, the Juneyao Air B787-9 feature request currently has 91 votes compared to the American 787-8 with 38 votes and the United 787-8 feature request with 25 votes, therefore these two are less popular based on votes.

Have a good one and take care!


That’s a special livery and FIFA is already been finished. So, it won’t be added.

The Juneyao Air livery has more votes…plus we need more diverse airlines in Infinite Flight…

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It’s gorgeous

Hello devs. ☺️☺️ When will you add the last remaining “Top 10 Most Requested livery” pole votes?

All the devs have said is “in future updates” - as you know they don’t provide release dates for features. Liveries will come when they come.


I like all the aircraft designs but in my opinion, the third livery looks like classic common.
Goodjob Juneyao :D

Here I am😂

hope Chinese Peony B1115 will be made.because it is the most colorful livery and best symbolic of Chinese ancient style beauty😋
Support me!:)


with reason!😄

I’m Chinese, I voted No.2

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Option 2 is so far my favorite, a great livery!

Yes me i do, i dont know why people didn’t

yea it is an amazing livery