Juneyao Air || Airbus A321-231

Juneyao Air A321

Juneyao Air is an airline based at both of Shanghai’s airports, serving domestic and international routes. It was founded back in 2005 and started operations in 2006. It is important to remark that it is a member of Star Alliance.

Its fleet consists of:
·37 A320 ceo
·8 A320 neo
·26 A321 ceo
·1 A321 neo
·6 B787-9

I think this livery should be added because there is no Chinese airline represented in the A321 nor the A320 family, with the exception of Air China in the A319. Also, I think it is a great livery, just look at it!

I’ll leave a link for Juneyao Air in the A320 as well (although it needs a new thread…): Juneyao Airlines Airbus A320-200

Photo from sunshy0621 from Jetphotos
Link: B-8407 | Airbus A321-231 | Juneyao Airlines | sunshy0621 | JetPhotos

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