Juneau Flights Cancelled/Diverted

Hey guys, so today I was planning my flight for the IFATC schedule, I was going to do Anchorage to Juneau, when I saw that quite of the flights (Departing and Arriving) were cancelled or diverted, and not only by Alaska Airways but by charter airlines aswell.
I am just curious as to why this has happened, if anybody could help? I found this on Flight Radar 24

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Hey I was ganna fly into JNU this morning, we went to our alternate due to Weather. Southeast in the Winter time sucks.
A few days ago we had plan go into Yakatak Alaska but they had a hurricane with lightening and thunder and 70 knot winds. It’s a typical time of year for crazy weather lol

Southeast, Kodiak and The Aluetians are places you don’t mess with when there’s weather

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