June Photo Dump

My June in Pictures

So this month I came back to infinite flight after a few months out due to exams. I was eager to get playing again and over the past 4 weeks I’ve carried out many flights around the world while quietly closing in on that 1 million XP :)


Route : Various
Aircraft : Various
Livery : Various
Flight Time : 1hr - 12hr
Server : Expert

These are a selection of my favourite flights/shots from this Month:

Smoggy Beijing

Passing Mt Rainer upon arrival into Seattle

Air France gang ;)

Easy departure out of Gatwick

Morning in Vienna

Pattern work at Juneau

Roaring out of Heathrow

What a beauty

Which is your favourite pic?
  • Cargolux
  • United
  • Air France
  • EasyJet
  • Austrian
  • CAP
  • British Airways
  • All of them!

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Thanks for viewing!


Great Photos! :D

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Very nice!

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Thank you very much!

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Amazing pics! I like the Air France one :)

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The absolute jaw-dropping composition and realism of this photos is everything! Great work and looking forward to more!

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Thanks! Composition is key 🔑

Wow! Great screenshots! :)

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How do you get that good of quality pics?


Screenshot feature on replay mode