June Appeals Data

Asking questions seems a bit rarer then before, yes. If you control regularly this isn’t surprising.


Interesting data, thanks DeerCrusher!

Quick question is flying at M1.8 at 50000 classed as excessive as that is the f22 supercruise alt and speed (not sure as it is centres airspace but wouldn’t be going that fast if planning on landing any time soon like an airport within 500nm)

If you’re in Center’s airspace, you are expected to fly at a reasonable speed, similar to that of the aircraft around you. If not in their airspace, it should be alright.

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Most interesting data is how one person is doing 1200kts at 3000ft in airspace, and doing it on expert, not casual or training

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I am just unsure if you were just passing through at that altitude and speed if you would get an instant vio or only if you came too near the airport or traffic
(Edit if asked to slow i would thnx @ZinZowe)

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Not sure but ATC is supposed to give you warnings before just reporting you so you can correct yourself

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Well, not exactly. They don’t have to warn you. If they have time and aren’t busy, then they probably will. But, if there approach or tower at the busiest FMF in history, then probably not.

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I mean if they don’t warn you it’s common sense not to go like a speeding bullet and if it’s an FNF I’m sure all the frequencies would be open.

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Especially when planning into IFATC controlled airspace because it may just get busy as well

They are researching the possibility of different speed warnings for military aircraft. No telling which release it will be a part of but once it is ironed out the details will be shared.

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Honestly this is kinda necessary. Go 400 in an airliner, level 1 vio after warning. Go 400 in a fighter, level 2 vio without warning, doesn’t make sense at all.
And allowing supersonic flight anywhere above FL430 would be a good idea (or just not enforcing the old speed rule in center airspace, cuz that’s actually a new restriction with this update…)

What? 550kts? What about when you’re crusing M0.78 in a 737 with a 90kt tailwind?

No reasonable controller is handing out level 2 violations for a fighter jet going 400kt (or 500kt for that matter) at a high altitude. Do Mach 1.5 in centers space and you run the risk. Do 400kt in towers airspace and likely off the server you go.

I meant 400 TAS (which is supersonic lol)

No I meant the rule about not exceeding airliner speeds in ATC airspace. That rule was not designed with center in mind was it?

Its irrelevant, but to address it, “The old speed rule” of 550kts was put in place pre-global. This was in place to prevent users from high tailing it when we were limited to regions. When you have an area so small, there was no point in users going so fast.

Now that we’ve got the whole world in our hands (no pun intended) that rule had since been removed.

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Really interesting data. What shocked me the most was the amount of deleted replays and the “no response” ones. Also the dropped device one. Sorry to whoever that was, hopefully you didn’t have a Nokia.


I wasn’t refering to that rule lol bad wording. I was just refering to the speed rule in apporach carrying into center

Sure. Don’t fly faster than what your airliner would typically fly.

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