JUNE 30 | Super Shannon Flyout!

Super Shannon Flyout

Welcome to County Clare!

When you think of Ireland’s stunning moss covered cliffs, you’re probably picturing the ones lining the coast of County Clare, the westernmost part of Ireland. The cliffs have been there for thousands and thousands of years, but were shot into the limelight when they were prominently used as filming locations for the movie versions of Star Wars and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

Shannon, the largest city in County Clare, serves as the gateway to these natural beauties. Perhaps even more famous than the city itself is the airport - Shannon International Airport. Its runways were critical to the expansion of Trans - Atlantic flight, providing a strategic place to refuel before hopping up to Iceland or Greenland for the next pit stop.

Shannon Airport (SNN)

Shannon Airport

Irish: Aerfort na Sionainne

Shannon Airport is an international airport located in County Clare in Ireland. It is adjacent to the Shannon Estuary and lies halfway between Ennis and Limerick. With over 1.5 million passengers in 2022, the airport is the third busiest airport in the Republic of Ireland, and the fifth busiest on the island.

The airport was built in the late 1930s, with the first commercial flight taking place in 1939. Shannon was the landing point for the first transatlantic proving flight in 1945 and became the world’s first duty-free airport in 1947. By the 1960s, it was a busy refuelling stop for many transatlantic carriers. Europe’s first United States border preclearance facility opened in 1986. At 3.2 kilometres (2 mi), Shannon has the longest runway in Ireland, which allowed it to be a designated alternative landing site for the Space Shuttle.

Fun Fact: The world’s first duty free shop was at Shannon Airport.

Event Details

Date: Sunday, June 30th, 2024
Spawn Time: 2024-06-30T14:45:00Z
Pushback Time: 2024-06-30T15:00:00Z


Huge thank you to @United403 for the gate assignments!

West Apron
Gate Airline Destination Plane User
28 United Chicago B752 @Mort
30 United Chicago B752 @United403
32 United Newark B752 @cedricflys
34 Delta New York/JFK B752 @deltaoutofdca
37 United Chicago B752 @Prestoni
39 United Chicago B752 @Ben_Walsh
41 Aer Lingus London-Heathrow A320 @MANDELA
43 Aer Lingus Dublin A320 @Olivia12
Commercial Apron
Gate Airline Destination Plane User
23 Ryanair Lanzarote B738 @Bay_Area_Aviation
24 RyanAir Warsaw B738
24A Ryanair Turin B738 @MPH258
25 Ryanair Edinburgh B738
25B Ryanair London Stansted B738
26A Ryanair Naples B738
26B Ryanair Liverpool B738
27 Ryanair Marseille B738
Atlantic Aviation
Gate Airline Destination Plane User
01 NetJets Europe Madeira/Funchal CL35
02 NetJets Europe Tetorboro CL35
Hangar 1 NetJets Europe Reykjavik-City CL35
1-1 NetJets Europe London City CL35
2-1 NetJets Europe Geneva CL35
3-1 NetJets Europe Innsbruck CL35
4-1 Maroon Londonberry Englinton TBM9
5-1 Sea Blue Cork TBM9

If you would like a different route, you can request one. A full list of routes from Shannon can be found HERE.

Shannon has one runway

10,495 feet (3199 meters)

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This is good

I’ll take this one!

@Mort I’ll follow you to ORD

@United403 , @deltaoutofdca , @CedricFlys , you are all added!

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Can I take this but United 752 to ORD also?

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Absolutely! We’ve got a little group flight going lol.

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I’ll take this please

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This but to Lanzarote if that’s okay

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Can I have gate 28 please

I’ll take this one please

@MPH258 , @Bay_Area_Aviation , and @MANDELA , I have you signed up! @Ben_Walsh - 28 is taken. If you’d like to also head to ORD, I can put that in another gate.

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Yeah that’s fine

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I’ll get you down!

Can I fly this pls but with the request to use their A321 and fly to LFPG if possible.

I will take this please

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You are all set!

Bump for Shannon!

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