June 1 | The Spectacular SeaTac Flyout!

I saw on the summer schedule that Delta will also be using Boeing 737-900 and Boeing 737-800s on some days, so would it be possible to keep the Boeing 737-900?

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According to my sources the SEA-TPA route will be on an A321. It’s not really gonna make much of a difference if you just fly Alaska Airlines.

Fine, fine, you can switch me, but…

That’s on June 24 though 😂

So, would you like me to put you on D8 on Alaska Airlines to Tampa

Yeah, I guess it’s not that deep, so you can move me…

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You’re on.

We like your thinking @737Aviator, we would love to sponsor this event @RedWolf if you would let us! (Also be on the look out for a DM from us as well @RedWolf.)

ASVA Staff Team


I can come yay I will take a longer route this time lol
S8 Delta A330-900 Shanghai (PVG)


Hey everyone!

I’m proud to announce that this event is now sponsored by Alaska Airlines Virtual!

You can apply to their VA here.

Thank you again to @AlaskaAirlinesVA for sponsoring this event!


YESSSS!! I told you they would!

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I hate to confuse things, but I would like to change my route. I know that you claimed this route but if I’m correct (I dont frequently check) but Delta operates two routes that go from Seattle to Seoul in a A330-941N parked somewhere at the A gates. Is it okay if I come along with ya?

You can just have my gate, I don’t know if I can even go to Seoul now that I’m looking at my calendar. Is that fine with you?