JUN3 2000Z / Monterey Bay Flyout

Hello IFC. On June 3rd, 2023, I will be hosting a flyout event at Monterey Regional Airport in Monterey, California. MRY is a small, regional airport located in the beautiful beach town of Monterey, California. They only have a handful of gates and only five airlines with nine routes. However its quite a nice airport and I feel it deserves some recognition. I’ve personally flown out of this airport twice and it was a pretty cool experience. I’m sure many of you would like to take in the scenery of the Monterey Bay and check it out for yourself!


  1. I am not responsible for any violations you may receive if you attend.
  2. Arrive about 10-15 minutes prior to the start of event
  3. If ATC is present, try and follow all their instructions given to you
  4. Use Unicom if ATC does not show up
  5. This will be on Expert Server so fly as professionally as possible
  6. This is a small airport. If there is a lot of people attending, be patient and do not rush when taxiing
  7. Have fun!


Server: Expert Server
Airport: Monterey Regional Airport (MRY/KMRY)
Time: 2023-06-03T20:00:00Z2023-06-03T21:00:00Z

ATC Services:

If possible, I would love to get some people to work ATC. If not, pilots will use Unicom.


Because of how small MRY is, there will be gate assignments.

Main Terminal/Gates
Gate Aircraft/Airline/Livery Route Pilot Callsign (Optional)
Gate 01A E175 (Alaska Airlines) KMRY-KSEA @Ryan_Carney
Gate 02 E175 (Alaska Airlines) KMRY-KSAN @SWA1997
Gate 03A A320 (Allegiant Air) KMRY-KLAS @plane_guy12
Gate 04 A319 (American) KMRY-KDFW
Gate 05A CRJ900 (American Eagle) KMRY-KPHX @Butter575
Gate 06 CRJ200 (United Express) KMRY-KDEN
Gate 08 CRJ700 (United Express) KMRY-KLAX @Bay_Area_Aviation
Gate 09A CRJ200 (United Express) KMRY-KSFO
JSX Gates
Gate Aircraft/Airline/Livery Route Pilot Callsign (Optional)
West Hanger 1-1 CRJ700 (JSX / Generic Livery) KMRY-KSNA
West Hanger 1-2 CRJ700 (JSX / Generic Livery) KMRY-KSNA
MPI Jet Charter Parking 1 CRJ700 (JSX / Generic Livery) KMRY-KSNA
GA/Private Gates

When it comes to general aviation and private jet movements, MRY has plenty of flights. If you would like to do a GA or Private Jet flight, check the map below and choose your gate. You can fly anywhere you want or choose a routes from my list here:

  • Cessna 172 / KMRY-KSJC
  • Cessna 172 / KMRY-KHAF
  • Cessna 208 (Private Livery) / KMRY-KFAT
  • Cessna 208 (Private Livery) / KMRY-KMHR
  • Cessna Citation / KMRY-KLAS
  • Cessna Citation / KMRY-KSAN
  • Cirrus SR22 / KMRY-KPAO
  • Cirrus SR22 / KMRY-KSBP
  • CubCrafters XCub / KMRY-KWVI
  • CubCrafters XCub / KMRY-KRHV
  • Daher TMB-930 / KMRY-KSMO
  • Daher TMB-930 / KMRY-KRNO
  • A318 (ACJ Livery) / KMRY-KBFI
  • B737 (BBJ Livery) / KMRY-KHOU
  • E175 (Private Livery) / KMRY-KBUR
Aircraft/Airline/Livery Route Pilot Callsign (Optional)
Challenger 350 (NetJets) KMRY-PHOG @Flyin.Hawaiian
Challenger 350 (Private) KMRY-NSFA @yenier_Rodriguez
Challenger 350 (Private) KMRY-PHOG @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek

Two Challenger routes will be added if the plane is added to Infinite Flight prior to June 3rd.

Map of MRY Gates:

Red - Passenger Terminal/Gates
Yellow - JSX Gates
Green - Private/General Aviation Gates

My Other Events:


This but on an E175

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Got you (10)

i wish i could join but this is the EXACT SAME time as my Retro Jackson event on the same day

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Yeah I tried not to interfere with the events that day. Quite a lot happening on the 3rd :/


Fun Fact! In 2012, Allegiant Air planned flights from MRY-Honolulu aboard their Boeing 757-200s. Unfortunately, Allegiant backed out at the last minute and never started MRY-HNL

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Little quiet here. Lets fill these gates!

Can I snag this please

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this please

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give me a private/GA spot to hold the CL35 to OGG on NetJets

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@Flyin.Hawaiian, @Ryan_Carney, @United403 got you guys

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Event Bump

We have 5 terminal gates left, 3 JSX gates, and tons of general aviation gates. Lets get some more signups!!

I no longer can attend due to conflicting events at the same time

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Thanks for letting me know

Insterting aiport I’ll be using the other Challenger 350 to Faleolo Intl(NSFA)

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Cool choice!

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could i grab GTS?

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Sorry what’s GTS?

Ground, and Tower

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Appreciate the ATC help!