JUN17 2300Z / The Alamo Flyout

Hello again! On June 17, 2023 I’m going to be hosting a flyout event at San Antonio Intl. Airport in San Antonio, Texas. San Antonio is a fairly large city in the central part of Texas. It has a population of about 1.5 million and a fairly midsized airport. San Antonio is a very pretty city. Well known for its riverwalk and The Alamo, its a place that I’ve wanted to visit for a while. So why not hold a flyout event at its airport, KSAT. KSAT has a total of 15 airlines with tons of routes in North America and quite a few to Mexico. It has two terminals and 25 gates (Terminal A/B). Overall its a decent airport and seems to be a good place to hold a flyout. I hope to get a lot of engagement on this so consider signing up!


  1. I am not responsible for any violations you may receive if you attend.
  2. Arrive about 10-15 minutes prior to the start of event
  3. If ATC is present, try and follow all their instructions given to you
  4. Use Unicom if ATC does not show up
  5. This will be on Expert Server so fly as professionally as possible
  6. Have fun!


Server: Expert Server
Airport: San Antonio International Airport (SAT/KSAT)
Time: 2023-06-17T23:00:00Z2023-06-18T00:00:00Z

ATC Services:

If possible, I would love to get some people to work ATC. If not, pilots will use Unicom.
ATIS: @Jay003
Ground: @Jay003
Tower: @Jay003


Like I said, KSAT is a fairly midsized airport so I won’t enforce gate assignments. You can pick from the Wikipedia list that has all airlines and routes. I do ask you keep your flight at your respective terminal.

Terminal A Gates/Signups

Airlines At Terminal A: Aeromexico, Alaska Airlines, Allegiant, Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, Southwest, Spirit, SunCountry, VivaAerobus, Volaris

Gate Aircraft/Airline/Livery Route Pilot Callsign (Optional)
Gate A01 A320 (Frontier) KSAT-KIAD @IF.Kaden
Gate A02 A321 (Delta) KSAT-KATL @plane_guy12
Gate A03 B739 (Delta) KSAT-KMSP @Neva
Gate A04 - - -
Gate A05 B737 (Southwest) KSAT-KHOU @Bay_Area_Aviation
Gate A06 - - -
Gate A07 - - -
Gate A08 A320 (Allegiant) KSAT-KLAS @_TheTexanAvgeek
Gate A09 - - -
Gate A10 B738 (SunCountry) KSAT-KLAS @PhorzaSky
Gate A11 A320 (JetBlue) KSAT-KJFK @Aviatorwyatt
Gate A12 A223 (Generic) KSAT-KDFW @United403 (@TXVA)
Gate A13 A223 (Generic) KSAT-KDFW @EastTexasAviationYT (@TXVA)
Gate A14 A223 (Generic) KSAT-KDFW Reserved For @TXVA
Gate A15 A223 (Generic) KSAT-KDFW Reserved For @TXVA
Gate A17 A223 (Generic) KSAT-KDFW Reserved For @TXVA
Terminal B Gates/Signups

Airlines At Terminal B: American Airlines & United Airlines

Gate Aircraft/Airline/Livery Route Pilot Callsign (Optional)
Gate B01 - - -
Gate B02 - - -
Gate B03 - - -
Gate B04 B738 (American Airlines) KSAT-KPHX @RagonDragon
Gate B05 B738 (American Airlines) KSAT-KMIA @NonStopsAviation
Gate B06 - - -
Gate B07 - - -
Gate B08 - - -
Cargo Gates/Signups
Gate Aircraft/Airline/Livery Route Pilot Callsign (Optional)
DHL Stand 01 - - -
DHL Stand 02 - - -
FedEx Stand 01 B77F (FedEx) KSAT-KAFW @Harrison_S
FedEx Stand 02 - - -
FedEx Stand 03 - - -
UPS Stand 01 - - -
UPS Stand 02 - - -
UPS Stand 03 - - -
GA Gates/Signups
Gate Aircraft/Airline/Livery Route Pilot Callsign (Optional)
- - - -
Wikipedia Airlines & Routes

Passenger Routes:

Cargo Routes:

Map of SAT Gates:

Blue: Main Gates (Terminal A & B)
Green: General Aviation Gates
Yellow: Cargo Gates

My Other Events:

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Delta A220-300 to Salt lake City

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I’ll put you down

American Airlines Boeing 737-800 to Miami

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Coming right up!

Howdy! Would it be okay if TXVA could get 5 reserved gates for this event? Preferably gates A12 - gates A17 if that is okay with you.

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Yes of course!! Glad to have a VA finally join one of my events. Do you have aircraft or routes in mind?

We will be flying to KDFW using our A220-300

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Ok I’ll put that down

Awesome! Thank you.

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@Bay_Area_Aviation can I actually change to a @TXVA gate?


I’ll grab this for a FedEx 777F to Fort Worth Alliance (KAFW) callsign: FedEx 229

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Can I get this flight with TXVA

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I’ll put you down

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I’ll do this one on Frontier A320-200 (Manatee Livery) to Washington Dulles (KIAD). Did this flight back in 2019. Just reversed

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Me who’s done two events at San Antonio and canceled both of them 💀

B738 to Phoenix please

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@IF.Kaden, @RagonDragon I’ll get you both down

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Event Bump

A month to go. Plenty of gates! Lets get em filled!

Event bump

Plenty of gates left. Also here’s a fun fact: Most of San Antonio’s terminal buildings were built for the 1968 World Fair held in the city.

I would like to take this gate for my flight KSAT-KLAS / A320-200 (Allegiant) callsign Allegiant 23 (AAY23)

Thanks! Great Event btw, looking forward!

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