Jump seat - Is it possible

I am flying back from FAO to LBA in a few days and I was wondering is it possible to be able to get the jumpseat in the cockpit for landing, take off or mid flight. I am only a teenager so woukd it be possible if I was lucky enough to get the jumpseat. Also if it is not possible what is the best way to get to see in the cockpit at the gate.


I would even know how to ask…😥

I don’t know what the rules are in our country but in the US only pilots with CASS can jumpseat on airliners.


What airline would you be flying on?

Jet2 possibly on Titian Airways operated for Jet2

no chance unfortunately. by all means ask to have a look in the cockpit after arriving at LBA

Anything is possible if you try hard enough, right?

Seriously though, if they say no, they say no. Ask if you can put your camera there to record it though it’ll kinda be cool watching them takeoff from the cockpit

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I’m not so sure because I live in the US. It could be different, but make sure to ask a FA, but just in case you do, be ready to take “no” for an answer. ;) I hope you can mate.

The best of luck,

Short answer- no. You will need to be CASS approved as someone stated earlier. Only pilots(not corporate pilots as they don’t have CASS privileges)can jumpseat in the US. So pretty much just 121 pilots aka airline and cargo pilots. Even FAs are not allowed (swa might be the only exception, I think. But they have FA jumpseats in the back for employees traveling as non rev ).

Prior to 9/11 you couldn’t jumpseat then too. Maybe go into the cockpit at cruise on long trips. That’s it. Now, not even that. Sad.


Dispatchers can also jump seat, corporate pilots can IF their company has done the right paper work. I work for a 135 company and we just got CASS approved.


to be fair that’s the position in the US. the regulations are not the same in Europe which is where the OP’s flight is taking place. non pilots can and do jump seat within Europe - EDIT: although the answer for the OP is still no.


I think your best bet is to ask the flight attendants after landing. If they say ask the pilot, they generally let you wait around in the front galley until the pilots come out. Then ask them.

This is the case in the US at least.

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In the US, no.
You would have to be either government official, airlines official, or pilot

Jumpseat, nope. At least not here in America. If you ask for a flight deck visit after landing, ask the purser or captain / F/O as that is probably your best chance. From my experience they’ll let you in a lot.

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Only on there own airline though

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That is incorrect. Our dispatchers are CASS approved meaning they can jumpseat on any approved CASS Airlines. One of our Dispatchers just went to Miami via Atlas by jumpseating.


121 and scheduled part 135 if CASS approved dispatchers can jumpseat


Read part 121.547 mark. That should answer your question

1 CFR 121.547(b)(4) A certificated airman employed by another part 119 certificate holder whose duties with that part 119 certificate holder require an airman certificate and who is authorized by the part 119 certificate holder operating the aircraft to make specific trips over a route;

flight crewmember duties,
• flight attendant duties,
• flight instruction duties,
_–>• aircraft dispatcher duties <—
• aircraft maintenance and preventive maintenance duties1
1 The definitions of maintenance and preventive maintenance are included in 14 CFR Section 1.1 and part 43.

121 Dispatchers along with 135 Dispatchers/Flight followers if approved by CASS can Jumpseat. This is a VERY known thing in the aviation industry.

Also since you’re quote 121 Regs, you should know that Dispatchers by 121 Regs are required fly in the cockpit of the type of aircraft they dispatch and you should know the reason behind it.(Which you should know in 14 CFR 121.463)


Here’s your answer. As for those flights outside of the US, I can’t comment on their regulations but I’d assume they have similar policies.