July Photo Dump

Greetings IFC!

Summer is in full swing and as a continuation of last months screenshot dump I’ve compiled a collection of my favourite captures from my flights this July.

July has been a chaotic yet epic month. I’ve joined a new VA and also hit a HUGE milestone of 1 MILLION xp! So enjoy these pics I took and let me know what you think!


Route : Various
Aircraft : Various
Livery : Various
Flight Time : 1hr - 13hr
Server : Expert

Inbound to Santiago

Toronto Departure

Innsbruck Sunset

Scottish Hebrides

Madness at St Maarten

Butter in Auckland

A Presidential escort

Hong Kong Plane Spotting

Doha Arrival

  • LATAM 787-9
  • Delta CRJ-900
  • EasyJet A319
  • Icelandair 757-200
  • St Maarten
  • New Zealand 77W
  • F-22
  • Cebu A330-300
  • Qatar 777-200LR

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What app do you use for your photos?

To edit? I use Lightroom

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That EasyJet photo is by far my favorite! Great photos!

Wow I love the Delta and the EasyJet! Awesome

Thanks!! EasyJet is my fav too! 🧡

These are stunning, keep up the great work! I love how the St Maarten photo was titled “Madness”…

By the way, the EasyJet at Innsbruck was an A320, not an A319, as only the EasyJet A320 has sharklets in IF.

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these look amazing!

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Theyre absolutely stunning!

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Thanks a lot !!


Ha ha yes. It was literally madness

Oh yeah

Awesome photos! Pretty sure that’s me in the 777 IF at the st Maarten picture

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Wait really!?😂 You must’ve seen me landing as I was the American 737 in the background

Any chance you remember the callsign?

Its coming up as a different pilot in the replay

Is it g-ojon

No. its C-IAVG

Damn I could swear it was me I flew out a few times that day and one time I used the 777

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Interesting variety !

(Nevermind about the A320, just saw the comments above, my bad)

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Great pictures, got to be that CRJ for me 📸 🔥

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