July Appeals Data

Pilots & Controllers

As promised your second installment of appeals data is here. After the release of 20.1, the developers have been hard at work ironing out some of those pesky bugs that users experienced on launch. In July, it appears that most if not all of those issues have been eliminated. That said, the data for the month of July is more inline with what we see on a “normal” month to month basis. Issuing violations is not and should not be a “normal” routine, but its there in the event that someone isn’t doing what they’ve been instructed to do. Our goal is that you and others will be able to take this information below and use it to your ability. Learning from one’s mistake is often one of the best teaching tools.

There was not one specific outstanding issue in July that we recognized as a team. It does appear that “Not Following Instructions” and “Unable to Communicate” were the two top reasons this month. The reasons/explanations for not following instructions can be found in the documentation below. Unable to communicate, reasons included poor internet connection, and issues with ATC - Pilot or Pilot - ATC communication. In this case, ATC or Pilot will send a command, and the command doesn’t make it or is not received by the other user.

Change log: Added “Number of Reversals” and “Other” categories to ‘Other Documentations’ table/graph.

  • Number of Reversals- The number of times the appeals group removed a violation from a pilot’s record
  • Other- Other notable situations that warranted a note and hopefully a takeaway from said situation.

All data below is only from those who reached out to moderators/staff and does not include those who were issued a violation and did not reach out to a moderator or staff member.

Pilots & Controllers alike have had their names redacted from this data. The following data is in random order and does not indicate date of issuance. To be used for educational purposes only.
July Appeals Data

Blanks in both tables and graphs were intentional as no data was received for listed reason

Violation Issuances with Documentation
Size Restrictions
  • – None –

Crossing Runway w/o Permission
  • – None –

Entering Runway w/o Permission
  • Airport required pilot to back taxi. Confusion about taxi to runway threshold. Pilot taxied through HS markings without stopping and onto runway.
  • Pilot exited runway and taxied on a taxiway that took them to another runway. Pilot did not familiarize themself with airport layout prior to arrival. (Violation removed and included in ‘Number of Reversals’)
  • Pilot failed to contact tower for takeoff.

Failure to Maintain Separation
  • Came too close to other aircraft after not flying runway heading up to specified altitude
  • Pilot on taxiway failed to give way to aircraft exiting the runway. (Aircraft on or exiting the runway have priority and right of way over aircraft on taxiway. If you see an aircraft exiting a runway, allow them to go in front of you even if ATC doesn’t tell you to give way to them. It’s common courtesy.)

Not Following Instructions
  • Failure to fly heading/altitude as instructed by ATC x4
  • Not flying specified speed as instructed
  • Pilot asked for approach, flight following, and a check in while ATC told pilot to remain patient as frequency was busy.
  • Pilot thought instruction was to make a left/right 360. ATC instruction was to fly left/right heading of 360.
    NOTE: If in doubt, tap on ATC Headset, and double tap on ATC log for your specific instructions. At the top right hand corner of your ATC Command box, your last issued speed, heading, altitude, etc. are displayed for quick reference.
  • Not flying runway heading to specified altitude (3000ft)
  • Failure to enter and fly hold
  • Failure to follow sequence and observe the flow of traffic.

Taxiing through others
  • Pilot unaware of wingspan “clipping w/ wingtip” x2
  • Pilot forgot to set parking brake
  • Blatantly taxiing through others

Failing to Exit the Runway
  • Failed to exit runway at busy airport
  • Landing gear got stuck in pavement. (Violation removed. Included in reversals below)

Unable to Communicate (Contact Moderator)
  • Connection issue error between pilot and controller. (Pilot reached out. Violation removed and included in 'Number of Reversals) x14

Failure to Execute Missed Approach/Go-Around
  • Pilot thought go-around wasn’t necessary due to aircraft on runway being adequate distance away. Both GA command instances were sent at 400 & 500ft AGL x2

Failure to Follow ATIS
  • – None –

Improper Arrival Procedures
  • Following FPL instead of sequence (Violation removed as pilot had good record. Included in reversals below)

Interfering with other Aircraft
  • Pulled out onto runway with aircraft on final. Aircraft on a 2nm final. x2 (Unicom)
  • Departing head onto other aircraft despite warnings on Unicom x2
  • Departing with aircraft still on runway x2
  • Crossing runway with landing traffic on very short final
  • Pilot failed to capture localizer inbound and broke separation with aircraft on parallel runway.

Taxiing through Grass, Apron, Terminal/Hangar Pad
  • Taxing across grass at 35+ kts x2

Excessive Speed
  • 1400kts in active airspace doing barrel rolls
  • Excessive speed caused by excessive descent rate while in controlled airspace
  • 797kts in active airspace @ 16,400ft
  • Departed runway at 300kts, cut across parallel runway at 450kts @ 500ft at nearly a 90 degree bank
  • Excessive speed on base under ATC control (before warned to slow down), close to other traffic, changed frequency without permission
  • 1400kts slowing to 800kts in active airspace. Pilots need to plan well ahead so that they’re flying “airliner type speeds” when in active airspace. Good rule of thumb.

Taxiing without Permission
  • Exited runway. Didn’t stop on other side of hold short markings. Taxied through other aircraft and didn’t ask for taxi to parking.

Deleted Replays
  • Pilots who reached out to start an appeal but did not have a replay x0

Simple Pilot Error
  • Pilot got flustered and couldn’t make up his mind when crossing runway
  • Brother disabled AP. Warned pilot to be more careful and set device out of reach where AP can’t be disabled.

No Response from Appealing Pilot
  • Pilot/Mod/Ctlr. initiated appeal;
  • Replay not sent to mod within 3 day cutoff x13
  • Blank template sent with no response/comment from pilot

Controller Requested Reversal
  • Misclicked wrong aircraft x3

Controller Error
  • Aircraft spawned on top of aircraft pulling into gate x2. (Violation removed)
  • Controller reported an aircraft for taking off on runway when multiple frequencies were in use and not on their frequency. Genuine Error.
  • Pilot sent 5 messages with 8 minutes between each transmission. Another sending the same 22 minutes later. Reported for “spamming”. (Violation removed) x2
  • Pilot wrongly issued violation for not going around due to close proximity of another aircraft. Other aircraft had overtaken pilot who was issued violation and was permitted to land with priority. (Moderator spoke to controller about situation to ensure it doesn’t occur again. Controller apologized and has learned from said mistake.)(Violation removed)
  • Pilot reported airport in sight when not on a visual approach. (Violation removed)
  • Pilot given clearance to cross. ATC reported for crossing w/o permission. Replay showed Pilot did everything correctly. (Violation removed)
  • Pilot reported for taxiing through others. Replay showed they did not. (Violation removed)
  • Controller miscommunication (Violation removed)

  • Third party individual reaching out to Appeals on behalf of pilot appealing violation. (Appeal process discontinued) x1
  • Attempt to appeal violation from 2019. x3 (The appeals group will deal with replays no older than 7 days old)

Number of reversals
  • Number of times moderators/staff removed reports due to good pilot standing or other opinion regarding violation. x49
  • Pilot took off and remained in pattern despite no pattern work in ATIS
  • Pilot reported for interfering with aircraft on final while taking off. Aircraft that was on final caused the problem as they were on a parallel runway tailing another aircraft. Aircraft jumped from runway to another and caused an issue with departing aircraft. Departing aircraft penalized. Mod reviewed case and removed report. (This is included in the quantity above for reversals.)
  • Pilot requested runway crossing. ATC issued different and irrelevant runway to cross. Pilot crossed runway initially asked for. (could also fall under controller error)
  • Pilot instructed to extend downwind when already on base due to close spacing with other aircraft. Go around procedure would have been preferred here.
  • Pilot instructed to side step (jump from whatever runway they were on to the one next to it) to the parallel runway while on a 3nm final. Not practical when so close to field.
  • Pilot didn’t have enough time to react to give way command before collision would occur.
  • Pilot landed on runway with another aircraft on runway.
  • Pilot had a very firm landing that resulted in the gear getting stuck in pavement. Pilot was reported for failing to exit the runway

Final Note: Staff and Moderators do reserve the right to remove violations for pilots even if they were in the wrong. Total number of and recency of violations including 1, 2 and 3 are considered as well as the severity of the error while looking at the appealing pilots replay. If filing an appeal, please consider reading the following: Inquiring About Violations



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Hmmm, very interesting. Thanks for the info!

Interesting…Great work!

The info is very nice and detailed. Thanks Deer!!

Nice work, cool to see how things are dealt with from your side.

Random Question: How does this work? What is a good record. I saw the disclaimer but dont quite understand.

Thanks and Happy Flying :)

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Good question. Without getting too specific some of the things we consider are:

  • Little to no violations (1, 2 & 3 are considered)

  • Oldest Level 2 and/or Level 3 are not recent.

  • XP, Hours, Landings, and other similar data don’t carry as much weight when making such determination. We’re more interested in how often one is making a mistake.

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Ah so its a bit like a first chance, what happens if you have 200 violations but none in 12 months is that still classified as little to no violations. Sorry for getting in detail just find this stuff interesting.

Cign :)

You’d have a better shot at us considering a violation removal if you have a clean record for more than 10months +. The longer the better the opportunity. It shows and tells us that you’re trying to be a better pilot and thats something that the appeals team/mods/staff respect the most. Show us that you’re trying to learn and we will try our best given one’s history to accommodate. 🙂

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Can I have my level one violation removed plz I have 3 level one violations it was like after 12 and I decided to do a flight from Hilo to Honolulu a very short hop but I had fallen asleep mid flight didn’t stored a lot of fuel on the flight so my guest is that I over speed and crashed hopefully my passengers made it alive😭.

Hi there @mj242_jr,

Unfortunately, level one violations cannot be appealed as they are system generated.


HI I was following AV-DAN to la guardia and got reported .I was 2NM away from him. So is there any solution. PLZ and THX


Contact @ appeals.

If you were within 1000 feet of him then unfortunately it was a reasonable violation for separation. If you were properly separated then contact @appeals