July 4th spotting at CLT! | 7/4/19

😃 Welcome to my first spotting topic! I was spotting at the airport overlook at runway 18C at CLT. The weather didn’t cooperate at all that day, as there were storms to the south-west when I arrived, and shifting winds the whole day, but I managed to get some a,aging shots. Here’s what an average day looks like at Charlotte Douglas Int’l. 😃

My first shot of the day, An American Airlines A321 departs runway 36C with a busy CLT in the background. You can really see the storm clouds in the background.

For once we had some sun here for a little, and I managed to get this shot of an American A321 with the city behind it.

After s sudden runway change, i caught this American 737-800 taxiing to runway 18C, all the current inbound flights are in a holding pattern, so there are currently no arrivals.

A United E175 taking off runway 18C, he got hit by a gust of wind on rotation, but he recovered quickly.

By now, the inbound aircraft are out of their holding patterns, the first aircraft to land of runway 18C was this American Eagle CRJ-700, he had a pretty good landing.

The first heavy of the day, An American A330 N278AY, touches down runway 18C. By now, there are more arrivals than departures.

The first JetBlue aircraft I have seen at here at CLT, so it was pretty exiting!

N932AT, a Delta 717-200, landing on runway 18C. He glided down the runway a little, landing way past the touchdown zone. This is one of my favorite planes, so this was pretty exiting!

Here N980NN, a 737-800, starts its takeoff roll runway 18C.

My final spot of the day, The daily A350 flight Lufthansa 428, arrives runway 18L. Also, a closeup of an A321 for American Airlines

yes I am aware i posted this on the 6th. The photos are from the 4th

How would you rate the photos? I I understand they’re blurry though.

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😃👍🏻😃 I really hope you enjoyed these photos, Thanks for looking and i enjoyed taking them. Happy spotting! 😃👍🏻😃


Great shots! I love the first one!

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Amazing shots!! I love the skyline in the back!!


Thanks for the support guys!

What camera were you using? Interesting that you got some quite zoomed up but all were grainy. I actually like it when there are storms nearby. Really like that dark gray color in the background. Usually in the afternoon they use 36, but I guess the storms were interfering with approaches from the southwest.

Samsung S10

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