July 25th: Hawaii Part Three: The Kahului Fly-Out!

Welcome to the Kahului Fly-Out! Kahului is known for its dormant volcano, Haleakalā, and the beautiful West Maui mountains, not to forget many stunning beaches with their famous turtles. And some jellyfish🪼Why don’t you join me in this Fly-Out!

A photo (mine) from the top of Haleakalā.

Molokini Crater, seen from above (my picture)


1: Southwest 737 Las Vegas @ShoshanaReuben

5: Southwest 737 Oakland @Tharealjaay

7: Southwest 737 Phoenix

9: Southwest 737 Kailua-Kona

11: Alaska 737 San Diego @RJPlayZ

13: Alaska 737 Portland

15: Hawaiian 717 Lihue

17: Hawaiian A321/767 Los Angeles @MAviationYT

19 : United 777 Denver @deltaoutofdca

21: United 787 Chicago @United403

23: United 787 Chicago @Prestoni

27: United 777 San Francisco @Olivia12

29: American 787 Dallas @CedricFlys

33: Delta 767/A321 Seattle

35: Delta 767 Salt Lake City

39: Delta 767/A321 Los Angeles

Contact me if you want a prop gate

Frequency Controller
  • We are not responsible for any violations
  • Listen to ATC at all times
  • If ATC not present use UNICOM correctly
  • Have atleast 8NM of separation in the air
  • Respect all pilots
    credit to @Prestoni for the notams

This event will be hosted at 2024-07-05T14:45:00Z2024-07-05T15:30:00Z


To add on, there is not enough gates to have two users on the same route. Like example, 2 users can’t fly the Delta to Seattle.

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Let’s get some sign ups!


can i have this please


Your down. Thanks for joining!

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I’ll take this but a United 787-9 to Chicago

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Same as United please


I would love to take this gate… but can’t because I’ll be flying IRL that day.

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ok i can get you down but look at that first post. i’ll make an exception for you

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so do you want it?

Nope, someone else should have it. I was just saying it’s a fun route.

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That makes two of us


I’ll take this one!

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Alaska 737 San Diego pls

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im sorry but im gonna have to cancel this flight because i have an actual flight ill be attending on this day lol. If there are more Hawaiian island flights like Honolulu hilo etc i will join those.

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I will add one for you.

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This one please

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Your down! Thanks so much!

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United 777 San Francisco Hi Can I pls switch to this

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i’ll take this!

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