July 21, 2012. Paine Field Airport last two times.

July 21, 2012. The last two times again at Paine Field Airport. My family, mom, half sister both sit in the back seats and I front the driver and next old man captain for help in the plane. We went to ride a Cessna 182 registration: N182GF. ← Please look at the front cockpit.

But we won’t ever again take a pilot’s cockpit only with a Cessna. It took a very long time. I will be fine. We were having a lot of fun on the plane. I have 48 times for planes, my mom always has a lot of time for planes. My half sister had a few 5 or 6 times for the plane possible and I’m not sure.

I got a new my old certification from the pilot.

All Nippon Airways Boeing 787-8 rest at the park did not take a service later.

I think I found my old pictures had stopped at Paine Field Airport but do not sure quality anyone and I don’t know. Thanks.

Thank you for the sharing!

Have a good day from the plane very enjoy!


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