JulietTango’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

Hey everyone welcome to my tracking thread, your welcome to practice pattern work or anything you feel you want to work on!

Please give me feedback to help with my ATC skills. :)

Status: Closed, come again soon!

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I am now open at CYYZ for about 30min so come and stop by!

I am now closed.

I am open at KSEA For 30min or so. you are welcome to do some pattern work. See you there!

Edit: I’m now closed good day.

I am open at anchorage airport come and stop by!

I’ll be there in a few!

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Cool thanks!

A couple notes so far:

Not sure why you switched your clearance to a landing clearance. Everything was fine until then, and option includes landing in case I decided to do that. I’d tell you I was doing a full stop in that case, and even then, you wouldn’t need to reclear me.

The Alaska plane behind me can take off as soon as I have significant speed. If they are not already lined up, you can clear before I am airborne but only if rotation is fairly close. If they are lined up, you can clear as soon as I am airborne. No need to wait.

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Ok thanks for the feedback I will try to remember that!

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Sorry but have have to close in five minutes.

No problem

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Thanks for coming @Cameron_Stone have a good afternoon!

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I’m going to be open at CYVR for about 30 min, your welcome to do patten work if you wish. :)

Edit: I am now closed good day!

I’m open at EGPF. Your feedback is much appreciated thanks.
edit I am now closed since nobody came

I’m open at KPDX, come and stop by for some pattern work!

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hey bro is it still open?

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Yes, I am open!

ok i will come

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@Henry you were supposed to make right traffic.

Here is your feedback:

When u give runway change give pattern entry which is why I went left traffic because of u don’t give pattern entry on upwind they get stuck in left/right traffic. Also give exit instruction for jet aircraft when they are less than 70 gs your exit instruction was pretty late imo. other than that great job!

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