JulianQ's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KSNA

hey! not currently controlling an airport, but if you would like active ATC at your departure or arrival airport, PM me and ill see what i can do!

Current Airport: N/A
Runways In Use: N/A
Time: N/A
Server: Training

any feedback is greatly appreciated!


I can stop by if you’d like?

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thatd be great!


Decent job today, but I do have a few pointers based on my own controlling experiences.

Big Issue:

Parallel rwys, when both are in use (safe to assume they are in case someone is inbound/departing and requests that rwy), should use opposite pattern directions. For example, the right rwy has right traffic and the left has left traffic. You would’ve had a problem if the Delta A350 had actually remained in the pattern and made left traffic, as you already had someone for the left rwy making left traffic, potentially breaking seperation or causing confusion for you.

Smaller Issues:

The Southwest 737 asked for a rwy change and you said unable, but in that scenario a rwy change was fine and compliance by ATC would be expected. You can allow a rwy change by giving them pattern instructions for that rwy, and then a proper sequence and clearance. This will be an area of focus on the IFATC practical, so you must be comfortable with it before testing.

Probably an accident, but the on guard warning of the Delta A350 was unnecessary, give them time to switch to tower if they need it.

Pattern direction not necessary every time you clear for landing/option. Only if rwy change is in effect, or if they are departing for the first time.

I know this seems like a lot, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes much easier. Good luck on your journey, and feel free to tag me next time you open. If any of my feedback is not clear, feel free to PM me.

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@JulianQ what’s P4-INT doing?

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Feedback from P4-INT
(yes, I know, silly callsign)

First flight

  • Ground was very consistent during both my flights, great job!
  • When you instructed me to switch runways during the touch and go you forgot to issue a new pattern entry.
  • But since it was the SR22, I didn’t manage to fly it for long and changed to a C208 afterwards.
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SR22, well, stalled…
I switched to a 208 later, much better haha

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I meant, taking off from the wrong end after being given a not cleared to enter runway… ?

thank you for the feedback!
i didnt give the southwest 737 a rwy change because 20L is unable to handle an aircraft bigger than a C208. and yes, the on guard warning for the Delta A350 was a total accident by me haha.

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No that was not me

gonna check the replay to see abt that one…jk lol, thank you for stopping by!

shoot, forgot about the new pattern entry, thanks for pointing it out! and the feedback is well appreciated, cheers!

Yes, I guess that would make sense, my thinking skills were out to lunch I guess

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Thank you to everyone who stopped by! thank you all for the feedback and ill see u all when i open again! cheers!

I wasn’t present long enough to give sufficient feedback, but feel free to tag me next time you open!

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will do! thanks for stopping by :)

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