JUL25-JUL31 / 0000Z - 2022 EAA AirVenture OshKosh @KOSH

I could do the P-38 with you

K thanks👏🏻

Nice I’m only doing it on the 27th

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Ok I’ll see if I’m available on the 27th

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If possible we could do it at dusk. Right when the sun sets 🌄

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If you are doing a demo. Please watch a Full demo video of that plane please!!!

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Yes, please review your aircraft and know what you all are doing so we don’t have any crashes 🙂

Lol yup espically for the F22. Their demo is hard.

yea the f-22 demo for my team and i will be complicated but we are going to have many practice runs.

Thank you to @FedExVirtual for sponsoring this event!

I love this Idea can I fly in with the NZ 777?

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This is awesome. Love that our Queen will be there representing. 🤙🏼


Of course! Putting you down!

can i do an aeromexico 787?

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Sure thing!

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Put you down!

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i think im going to do MMMX-KOSH for this event.

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so how does this work? where are all the big airplanes gonna park if there are multiple there?
Do we just sit on the ground for a while so the “people” can get tours?

I would say do what you want and if you sit on the ground for a while, take time to spot some aircraft!

sounds good!