JUL25-JUL31 / 0000Z - 2022 EAA AirVenture OshKosh @KOSH

If you could that would be cool

Sound interesting

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I’m doing the f-16

I’ll do a F22 demo for 2 of the days

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mind if i team up with you

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also do we do it when ever we want during the days

@NvAviator If you want i can record some of the demos i can. I would just need the times of the demos if you made some sort of sign up sheet


Sure @IF_California

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Sorry but i got a partner already because we are friends irl

This looks fun

I unfortunately can’t make it as I am gonna be on vacation:(

If I can make it I will most likely fly United from Chicago

Can I be a different aircraft each day?

Yes you can 😃


Awesome bro, TYSM. So where can I find more info like the times and all that?

Definitely interested in going! Are all of the planes listed going in real life? I’m going but idk what days the planes are going. Can’t wait for this event!

sign me up for june 31st. EAA 747-200 to boeing field.

So you can just show up to KOSH on casual server any day at anytime from July 25th-31st. Do I have that right?

Yes, or expert if you want atc

I got a team of 5 f22 for demos. If anyone else wants to join you can, just do me

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