JUL13 1100z-2000z: IFVARB Summit - Main Event WMKK Fly-out (1800z)

The Summit - Main Event

The Main event will feature two airports as gateways not only to each other but to areas all around eastern and Central Asia. Take a short hop over to Hanoi or even think about a scenic medium haul to the various pacific islands. But stay around… We have two times where either airport will be at its busiest and we encourage you to participate.

This event does not require any sign ups, simply turn up and have fun

Bangkok Fly-in 1100z-1300z

Kuala Lumpur Fly-out 1800z-2000z


  • Please be respectful of all pilots and controllers during the event - it will be busy expect delays

  • We expect pilots to follow all SIDs and STARs to maintain separation. We recommend programming in the appropriate in-game procedures but be prepared for vectors from radar control when traversing their airspace.

  • Please ensure to follow the correct taxi procedures

  • If you spawn into a gate and someone else is on top of you, please de-spawn and find another gate or wait for a gate to become available.

  • Please give priority to members to those in reserved gates

The Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board is the governing and assisting body that controls and coordinates all efforts and operations within the VA community. The Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board is designed and intended to enhance the VA sector of the Infinite Flight Community.

The IFVARB is intended to make VAs more professional, organized, and in line with the guidelines and standards of the community. In addition, the IFVARB helps clear up some of the clutter on the forum that certain members find inconvenient and irritating while also making the presence of Virtual Airlines clearer and more beneficial.

Our main goal is to benefit new and existing VAs that add value to the community by creating a professional, organised, and pleasant atmosphere for like-minded individuals to thrive and grow within.


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Excited to see this come out now!

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Main event never disappoints! Who’s with us?


Just two weeks to go and a new tag has been added, keep those signups coming, don’t miss out!

Thats right guys, we’re officially featured! Check out this event and the other for IFVARB Summit, all of which have airports linked to the weekend :)


Egypt Air Virtual Group will be there ✅


Count me in!!

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Great to see this event building, we got the feature, lets maximise this!


Ryanair Virtual Group will be there!


Je suis. (10 Char)

Keep these signups coming!


AAVA will be there!


With Cross the Pond reaching its conclusion, the main event is up next! Please enjoy both major points during the day and be ready to do the hops between destinations throughout the day.

IFVARB will be making an official presence on the 2nd focus point of the day with the Kuala Lumpur flyout to Bangkok!


Qantas group will be there support Qantas


Sure will be crowded skies! Enjoy everyone!

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I can’t wait already making my flight plan

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GAF will be there!


Its the fly-in time, lets see you all out in force!

Where is everyone? Let’s get things started. I’m already at WPKK.