JUL12-14 2024: IFVARB Summit Global Connections - Info Thread

Summit 2024 - Global Connections

The July 2024 Summit relaunches a timeless event series run by the IFVARB. The previous iteration in July 2021 ended things on a high and we endeavour to bring the fun and the extravagance right back to your screens once more. We look forward to celebrating our VA community and highlighting some under-represented areas of the world in the mean time!

The IFVARB Summit is an event that happens once a year to celebrate the entire VA community by bringing them all together for a weekend of event-filled heaven! The Summit is spread over 3 days with a key event on each day, usually associated with a theme. This year's them is Global Connections, connecting the world and bringing it together during a time of heightened global concern. Differences aside, The Summit aims to bring all pilots together for a celebration of the wonderful community!

Cross the Pond will be similar to the VATSIM cross the pond where pilots fly from the US to the EU at specific timeslots mimicking the real life operations of the Atlantic crossing. This event will run throughout day one with the peak times listed in the thread. Check out the thread to book a slot (Though you can join us without booking)

Departure times: 1500-1800z

Arrival times: 2200-0100z

The thread

This day will have two airports featured as gateways not only to each other but to areas all around eastern and Central Asia. Take a short hop over to Hanoi or even think about a scenic medium haul to the various pacific islands. But stay around... We have two times where either airport will be at its busiest and we encourage you to participate. This day will not have signups though show your intent to attend by interacting with the thread!

Bangkok fly-in: 1100-1300z

Kuala Lumpur fly-out: 1800-2000z

The thread

Following a lovely weekend of community gathering and flying, we must return home! What better place to do this from than Shanghai, one of the mega-hubs of eastern asia. Through direct and non-stop flights, Shanghai has the capability to connect almost all the world making it a great location to say farewell. VAs are welcome to flyout throughout the day.

Shanghai fly-out: 1600-1800z

The thread

The Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board is the governing and assisting body that controls and coordinates all efforts and operations within the VA community. The Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board is designed and intended to enhance the VA sector of the Infinite Flight Community.

The IFVARB is intended to make VAs more professional, organized, and in line with the guidelines and standards of the community. In addition, the IFVARB helps clear up some of the clutter on the forum that certain members find inconvenient and irritating while also making the presence of Virtual Airlines clearer and more beneficial.

Our main goal is to benefit new and existing VAs that add value to the community by creating a professional, organised, and pleasant atmosphere for like-minded individuals to thrive and grow within.


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Looking forward to it! @DeltaVirtual will be there!

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Great to have you guys!

Keep exploring and get yourselves marked as attending!

A reminder for all VAs to have a look at joining us as well as those on the IFC community.

It’s happening! Who’s joining us :)

Keep signing up! All events looking to be busy.

We’re always working on creating high-flying, innovative events, so show us your support if its something that you enjoy!

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I’ll be attending this! Thanks IFVARB for this!

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CIVA will definitely join this beautiful event! Thx for conducting the event!

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Count me in!

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Just days to go, this weekend is THE weekend!

Tomorrow is the day, lets get these signups in!

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Azul Virtual will attend!

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UPSv will be attending!

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