Jul 9 / 1800Z Wine country short hop

Join me in a short hop flight from KSFO to KSTS in what I like to call “The wine country short hop”.
Event date: Wednesday, August 9 at 1 PM PST
Aircraft: United Embraer 170
Server: Training
I know this is a short description, so all questions are welcome!

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Flights posted here are to be within 3 hrs of posting time.
This therefore should be in #live:events, instead of #live:groupflights

Would love to come but i cant unfortunately

@VH-VCQ I’m not sure it says anywhere that #live:groupflights can’t be posted 17 days after the flight…

@Flightistic Feel free to move the flight closer to the current time or post this later. More details about #live:groupflights can be found here:

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@lucaviness sorry I will change that!

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