Juhujo's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [WRITTEN EXAM PASSED]

Hi there, I’m training for my practical IFATC exam. Just passed the written test a couple of days ago. Would be great if you could stop by. Please feel free to share any feedback afterwards!

Today’s Airport: EGKK

Current wind conditions: 24005KT

Departure Runways: 26L
Arrival Runways: 26L
Both may change depending on wind and traffic.

Would be great to see some patterns to benefit my exam prep!

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Can I do some pattern work?

Sure, absolutely :)

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Sorry my class started I’ll be back soon.

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Sorry for the bad landing, other than that though any advice for me?

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I’ll stop by to give you some practice ahead of your practical

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Looked a bit bumpy but great job recovering it and keeping it on the runway! You’re reporting your position very often; Controllers are usually aware where you are so you can reduce that to keep the frequency clear.

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Ok thanks for the feedback, this is only my second time ever doing pattern work so I’m still kinda learning the slopes.

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Just opened again at EDDF. Also suggested some of my favourite routes / airplane combinations to fly :)

I’m open at EDDF again, happy for you to stop by for some more training on my end.

Can I be approach?

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With people that depart put them out to the approach frequency because I don’t see a departure frequency Thanks

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Will do, doesn’t look super busy so far but hopefully it will get a bit busier soon…

Feedback: G-USMN

Ground: I was using TBM (cannot Pushback), I was given “Pushback Approved” when I requested it just to test you > You should have given me “Taxi to Rwy xx” even though I requested Pushback.

Remember all GA aircrafts & fighter jets cannot pushback. You also got to look at what stands aircrafts are parked at to decide whether they require pushback or taxi clearance.

First Pattern: No issues however It would be better if you give pilots “Sequence & Clearance” when they are on “Late Crosswind & Early Downwind”

Runway Changes: Nice Pattern Entry and Clearance with direction

Transition: 2500ft for EDDF seem kinda low > 3000ft would had been better. I would use 2500ft only if airport elevation is below 100ft

Inbound: I requested “Inbound for Landing” and I was given a correct pattern entry however you gave me “Cleared for option” that was incorrect. You could have just given me “Cleared to Land”

Overall not too bad, just work on those small mistake I have listed and you should be good to go. I wish I could test you on sequencing but there was no traffic in pattern :s

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Thanks for the feedback and for stopping by!! Appreciate all the comments. Was hoping for a bit of a busier pattern as well but I hope that there will be an opportunity for me to practise sequencing soon…

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Will be closing in 5mins

I just remembered something just now; I forgot to add one more point in my last feedback.

  • I asked for “Frequency Change” after being instructed “Taxi to Runway xx, Contact Tower when ready” You should have given me “Already instructed to change the frequency” rather than handing me off to Tower. The command is under Misc message > Duplicate Frequency at the bottom of the menu
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And I’m open again at EDDF :-)

I’m open tonight at EGKK. Feel free to stop by.

Hey can I be approach?