Judging or gauging my lateral separation

@BluePanda900’s question from a couple of days ago about lateral separation got me thinking. I find it difficult to judge my lateral separation from other traffic. Knowing that it should be 5nm is great but I’m only guessing as to how far I am. Could you guys tell me any tecnequies you use to gauge your lateral separation? Also could someone tell me radiuses of the airspace rings currently used in Infinite Flight? Thanks —Greg

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A common and simple practice for many IFAE Pilots from my experience. We simply have to keep a close eye on the other’s GS (as in the other pilot’s display tag) and match it to the GS in the hud.


I know exactly what you mean. That’s what I do now. I monitor my GS as compared to other traffic in order to maintain my current spacing. I flew in to EGLC yesterday with quit a bit of other traffic. I did great at maintaining my spacing but I was thinking I could close up some with the guy in front of me to make room for everyone else coming in but I wasn’t sure how far apart we were.


I took a few minutes and answered my own question inside the app. Class bravo airspace radiuses 3nm 8nm 12nm. Class charlie airspace 3nm 6nm. Class delta is 2nm. The ILS/GPS is 10nm on the map. I had a good idea what these would were but it’s nice to know precisely.

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