Juan_Barrero’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ MMMX

Hello IFC!

Welcome to my tracking thread, I’m currently in the IFATC recruitment process. I’ll will be opening up ground and tower frequencies for you to come and do some T&G!

Status: Closed

Airport: MMMX

Server: Training Server

I hope you can help me! Also if I do something wrong, please don’t be afraid to tell me, I’ll be thankful

If something is wrong in this thread, please tell me


I’d like to stop by, be there soon. :)

FYI, the “pushback approved” command doesn’t apply to all gates and ramps. Some of them you can taxi out of. In that case, use a “taxi to” command.

Good call right there! But “slowest practical speed” means to go as slow as you can. That’s for when someone’s too close. I would use the “adjust speed to follow” command for what I just did there.

Thank u de coming, there are some comands that I don’t found fast, so I take note of this to learn more about the commands. :)

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The more you practice, the more familiar you become. Just like flying procedures, things you do as ATC will become muscle memory one day.

Hi Juan my callsign is F-EASON, Here is my feedback

The correct transition for MMMX is 10000, you give me 11000( too high), AGL 7316ft nearest to 500 is 7500+jet pattern attitude 1500+1000 free space=10000

1.When I request inbound for touch and go any runway, you said Number3 traffic to follow on left downwind TWO mistake here, 1️⃣PATTERN ENRY2️⃣Which runway should I landing?😂, I see there is traffic at left downwind but I don’t know which runway he is going to. Let’s say if he goes to RWY 23L, the correct instruction should be F-EASON enter left downwind runway 23L, Number 3 traffic to follow is on left downwind

  1. I was confused you give me number 3 traffic to follow is on left downwind, so I request again inbound for touch and go runway 23L, you said continue inbound
    Continue inbound you should use this pattern instructions when aircraft is far from your airspace(30-35nm) or due to heavy traffic you don’t know which pattern entry or runway should give, then you can use continue inbound. For me you can either say enter left downwind 23L or 23R( traffic to follow is on…)

My suggestion is try control Classic Charlie airport, today’s traffic is too heavy for you.

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thank you very much bro, it is true today there was a lot of traffic in practice your advice I will take them into account and again thanks for being part of this process 😉

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