JT8D question

I have a question, why did engines like the JT8D have a pair of fan blades that did not move? I would really appreciate and answer

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Did they??

Yeah when the engines would start the fan blades would not move!

Is this only on Aerofly or xplane?

This is X-Plane 10 mobile… :/

I was going to say, what beta are you on?!

No the X-Plane was supposed to represent the engine I’m asking why the REAL life engines have fan blades that don’t move

I want to say that it has something to do with smoothing the turbulent airflow from the air going over the wing and into the engine, but I’m not sure. The JT8D is typically fitted to rear-engined aircraft, so that is the best explanation I can come up with.

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They help guide air into the fans behind it.

I am coming confused as some people are mentionimg other flight sims and some are taking about real life, this question is relating to real life right? Hence it being in #real-world-aviation

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It is NOT a turbo fan. It’s a turboJET. Here’s the difference.

Basically, the turbo FAN has a fan Infront sucking air in, but also most of that are bypasses the actual jet, which reduces heat and noise, and provides extra thrust. TurboJETs, like the jt8d simply suck, squeeze, bang, blow. They have compressor blades but no big fan in the front.

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The JT8D is not a turbojet.

It is a low bypass turbofan, and as such makes use of inlet guide vanes.


EDIT: as I am not a AandP I got some stuff wrong. Refer to @zbelle comment

Interesting question, I’ve been told that there is a structural benefit for a motor with inlet guide vanes, but you take a hit on your acoustics. Are there any newer commercial engines utilizing this design? The only new engines I’ve seen are for high performance aircraft that need the strength, airflow control of variable vanes and don’t mind making a lot of noise (like the F135).

It’s supposed to help with laminar air flow entering the engine intake. Laminar meaning smooth.

High bypass turbofans also have these, but they are in between the stages.

Ok so I just asked my dad about this engine since he has worked on it. He’s saying that those are inlet guide vanes that are used to improve the air flow to the 1st fan blades or compressor. This is also the reason why these engines were so loud.

BTW it’s a turbofan not a turbojet

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So, I wasn’t wrong. 🤤

This video shows clearly

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