Jshnlsn’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ -

My Trainer suggested I open a Training Server Tracking Thread for my Radar Training.

Feel free to reach out on discord: jshnlsn#0493


Feedback desired.

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I’ll stop by :)

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Hey Josh, thanks for the great RADAR service at KSEA, here’s a little feedback.

ILS app rwy34L: great radar vectors for a smooth interception LOC. No busts ground/traffic.
Radar vectors: no issues
Visual app rwy 34L + missed app: no issues.

Perfect handover to UNICOM after every approach.

Overall very nice job👍

Stef (oo-lxv)

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Stef - thanks so much for stopping by. Much appreciated it and the feedback.


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Feedback N1DS

Session Details
  • Time: 1600Z
  • Approach: ILS
  • Aircraft: 738
  • Airport: KSEA
  • Training Type: Radar Training
  • Initial vectors were good, however it would be better to give a shortened approach with a lower altitude in my situation because I spawned so close to the airport. That said, the initial approach vectors given were still acceptable.
  • First intercept was given very late, resulting in a missed approach. The second intercept given (the correction) was also given too late, and the altitude given was too high (3000Ft). For the second intercept, it would have worked perfectly if you cleared me at 2000Ft, because then I would be below the GS. Since 3000Ft resulted in me being too high, I called for another MA.
  • MA vectors were acceptable but it would be better to just give me the downwind intercept vector straight away in order to tighten the pattern and expedite my approach (also bearing in mind that I was the only aircraft in the airspace).
  • Second ILS clearance was really smooth, good job on that!
  • Clearance was given early because I was not established fully yet.

Overall, good job today! I’m exited to see your future progression in training and look forward to welcoming you onto the Radar Team!

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Thanks for coming by Daniel! Thanks for the great feedback!

  • Josh
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Anytime Josh! Feel free to tag me on the next one as well! Have a great rest of your Friday!

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