Jshnlsn’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Good Day!

I am needing to get some practicing done for my IFATC Test - join if you can!

Airport: N/A
Server: Training Server
Status: CLOSED


Be right there!

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Written passed?

Yes has been passed.

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Unnecessary pattern command to general 1
only cleared option

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Thanks - this is where I’m struggling - when to give pattern command vs. sequencing vs. clearance option. My recruiter @WesleyHenrich has been super patient with me on this. :)


Left base X
final O

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I think you did great! However there were some unecessary commands are the following:

• Turn Left next taxiway
I don’t think this was necessary as there were only 1 taxiway to the active runway. (Since there was 1 aircraft ahead me )

• Enter Left downwind
As what Levi said, this pattern command wasn’t necessary as I were flying pattern work.

And btw I almost crashed cuz I thought my autopilot was on and was taking note of your mistakes. Lol!

The only reason I gave this was because there was a aircraft taxing to parking straight ahead of you. If you would not have turned there, it would have caused an unavoidable situation. Also - at this airport often people get SO CONFUSED as how to line up 28L from where you where, so I was trying to mitigate that.

Thanks for coming by and thanks for the feedback., I’m so glad you didn’t crash!


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Thank you for the service. I was N26PR and I have some feedback and advice for you.


(See below for advice regarding each situation)

[21:02:47z] - Unnecessary “Say Intentions” for N26PR.
[21:03:13z] - Unnecessary pattern entry for N26PR.
[21:09:38z] - Early clearance for N26PR.


  • When an aircraft requests transition, they are not requesting an inbound, they are simply requesting an altitude to fly through your airspace. Therefore, asking intentions after the transition is not correct and should be avoided as it leads to confusion for the pilot.

  • Following to the point above, a pattern entry must only be given for inbounds and runway changes. If the aircraft did not request an inbound to your airport after the transition, they do not need a pattern entry as their intention might not be to call inbound.

  • Try to delay just a tad more your clearances after take off or T&G. I always say that the earliest the best, but in this case, that early command didn’t allow a proper time for the pilot to make another request like a runway change. I usually clear/sequence as they are turning to crosswind leg as that’s a good sign that they won’t request a runway change being on upwind.

Solid Points:
Transition Altitude
Pattern Entry
Runway Change
Runway Exit

Unfortunately I couldn’t spot any sequencing abilities as I was the only aircraft in the pattern, everything else looked spot on, good job!

Let me know if you have any doubts here or by sending me a PM, I’ll be happy to help.

Thanks for the feedback - yeah, I was a little unsure how to handle the transition - thanks for the clarification. I knew the altitude, and ‘assumed’ T&G/Landing.

Next time, I will give the pilot time to say if they intend to land before giving pattern instructions.

I will also delay my clearance a bit to give pilot the chance to make any changes as necessary.

Thank you for stopping by! :)


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Good Evening @Jshnlsn,

As you saw, I just stopped by and here is the feedback from your session:

  • Great job on the ground with the pushback and taxi!
  • Nice takeoff clearance
  • You told me to enter right DW after already giving right traffic. That was unnecessary.
  • Good runway change and option clearance
  • Nice job with the upwind conflict, but you extended my upwind a bit far
  • Could have put an expedite, traffic on final for N6DX’s exit command but fixed with a “Please Expedite”
  • Great go around awareness
  • Seattle is at 400ft, meaning the pattern alt is at around 1900-2000ft so the trans alt could have been 3000ft

Everything else was great! Keep at it

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Tag next time your open and I’ll try to make it 🙂

This can be closed - I MADE IFATC!!!


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