JRRaviation - IAH Spotting Showcase - July 17th, 2017

Greetings Infinite Flight Community,

I have yet another spotting showcase for you all! I went to IAH with @Aaron_Murray and @Matt737 on Monday, and we caught some amazing stuff! My favorites are the panned Emirates 777-300ER (Yes, that is A6-EQC, AKA the newest Emirates 777) and the United 737 close up with the weird discoloration.

Just A Reminder,

All of my photos are copyrighted. Please ask to use my photos before reposting them!

Want some tips?

If you interested in starting aviation photography, and wanting some advice, just shoot me a PM and I will answer your questions!

Before you ask me, maybe check this photography guide I made:
(I am in the process of improving my guide, and I will have a new one out soon. This is an old guide)


I am pretty much based on Instagram. I post a lot of my aviation images there, so maybe check it out and give it a follow!
My account:

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Yes, I am on JetPhotos! Here is my account:

The Pictures!


You really never fail to amaze Jacob. Awesome pictures :).


Great pictures, I’ve never seen the Aeromexico Connect livery, it looks super cool!


That is, like always, incredible. I have a question: Have you spotted somewhere else other than KIAH?

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Yes, I have also spotted at KDFW.

Here is a link to that thread:

I am going to Chicago on July 29th, 2017 with @Aaron_Murray, so expect pictures from ORD (Ohare).


@PlaneCrazy Thanks so much! I really appreciate your kind words.


Oh nice. Will you go anywhere else other than ORD in the future?
I’m really excited for some more GREAT pictures from KORD!

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It depends. My summer is almost over and I don’t have a lot of time left.

I want to go to other places in the future, so yes.

LHR, LAX, ATL, SYD, and SFO are all places I want to spot.

Getting there is the tricky part…

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Nice photos. Somehow I missed the news that Avianca a route to Houston.

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This time it’s United pride ! Great job as always :)

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…I have no words… I especially love the night shots!

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Love the wingflex on the 777’s 😍

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Awesome photos that you have posted above here overall!

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It was weird… It stayed over night, and it’s never done that before.

@Neeson52 @RTG113 @BluePanda900 @Blizzard

Thank y’all for your kind words! I really appreciate them!


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