JP Worthy?

Touched up the sharpness, what yall think?


Mmh yes nice touch. Looks crisp.

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should I smooth it?

Mmmh no i think it’s great!!

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Highlights and chromatic aberration on the tail
Too much shappening induced grain
Low details on the nose

Honestly I can’t get stuff to JP too so I probably sound bitter :/

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The softness is fine, the 1280x720 pixel requirements reduce the quality by around 60% so they understand. I see barely any chromatic aberration either.

I would say just slightly JPG Compression Artifacts on the windows near the center but other then that, looks great.

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So how would I fix this?

How about this

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Do you edit from raw or JPGs?

The solution depends on that.

Nice! What camera was this?

Thats looks alright for JP. I’m good with JP if you guys need help.

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Nickname: England’s heart

Idk that heart and the thing around it reminds me of England

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It’s probably good enough, full send

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My camera just automatically takes JPG.

I’ll go full send + oatmeal, looks better than some of the shots I saw on JP yesterday. Best of luck.


There is an option to change to raw. If my camera has that option, literally every other camera will have it as well

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Then your compression should be on point 👌

Yea, I know, just not sure if I want to do that.

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All it does it take up a slight bit more storage on the memory card (I think). It gives you a wide array of extra editing options though

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