Hello everyone.
Can someone tell me if this joystick will work on IF?
It’s the Thrustmaster T-flight hotas…
Thank you ;)

Yes, I believe it will. I think some mods use it also :)

It works, and @HairlineAirlines is right, the community’s favourite mod uses one.

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I actually use the Hotas Warthog ;)

Wasn’t speaking about you, you’re not a mod, still a trainee… :)

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Thank you ;)

Looks cool! I would like to try one as well!
The only thing is that in Airbusses the stick is on left and the thruttle is on the right. Unless of course you’re in the copilot’s seat. 😉

I always wonderd about that. How do right handed peolpe switch from copilot to pilot. With my left hand I can’t control a stick as precise as with my right hand.