Joysticks on iOS/Android over the network | LiveFlight Connect

Following on from the Joystick Support in Infinite Flight thread - here you’ll find information on how to set up joysticks using LiveFlight Connect (, a free and open-source client I built.

With LiveFlight Connect you can:

  • Use your joystick over the network with Infinite Flight
  • Use your PC/Mac’s keyboard to control IF (very useful for controlling functions like the landing gear and ATC, as well as flying the plane!).
  • AutoNAV mode! (Windows only, coming to OS X in the future).
  • More in the future, including mouse support, improved ATC support, etc.

You need:

  1. A device running Infinite Flight
    Any iOS or Android device running the latest update will work.

  2. A PC/Mac
    Joysticks cannot be plugged into iOS devices due to restrictions by Apple - we’ll be using an app that sends commands over the network to Infinite Flight. This is also useful if you have an Android device but no USB OTG cable.

  3. LiveFlight Connect
    Free, open source client software. Available to download at (note: Windows version will be available soon)

  4. A local WiFi network
    Your PC/Mac and device running Infinite Flight need to be on the same local WiFi network. A standard home network should work fine, as would a portable hotspot on a phone.

  5. A USB Joystick/Gamepad
    LiveFlight Connect should work with most joysticks. I’ve tested with the Saitek X52 Pro, Logitech Extreme 3D Pro and Thrustmaster T Flight Hotas X.

Plug the joystick into the PC/Mac and install LiveFlight Connect (if you have any issues, please send me a PM).

Setup Guide:

To begin with, go to Settings in Infinite Flight (top left corner), scroll to the bottom and enable Infinite Flight Connect.

Open LiveFlight Connect - if both devices are on the same network and Connect is enabled, it should quickly say “Connected!”.

For OS X users (if you are using Windows, skip to step 5)

  1. Go to the Joystick tab.

  2. If your joystick is recognised (should say “your joystick is setup correctly!”), skip this step.
    LiveFlight Connect will try and auto-map axes if your joystick isn’t recognised. If something isn’t working right, tap reset axes. You will need to manually assign axes.
    -> For each primary flight control (pitch, roll, rudder, throttle), press Assign, then move the corresponding axis on your joystick, like this:

  • Press Assign next to Pitch, then move your joystick up and down (not side to side, or anything else).
  • Press Assign next to Roll, then move your joystick from side-to-side (not up and down, or anything else).
  • Press Assign next to Throttle, then move your throttle lever up and down.
  • Press Assign next to Rudder, then twist your stick (or however rudder inputs are inputed on your joystick).

It should look as below when done (with different numbers):

  1. In Infinite Flight, go to Settings, followed by Controls (fifth tab). Assign each flight control an axis by tapping on the corresponding button under Key/Axis, and assign buttons under the Commands tab.

Using the keyboard to fly the plane:
Repeat step 5 above, however, instead of moving the joystick, press and hold on the relevant arrow keys for each flight control (left or right arrow for roll, up or down for pitch)

Performance is pretty smooth, you can assign any joystick button to a function within Infinite Flight.

This software is free to use licensed under the GPL-V3 licence.
Please note, I’m not making any money off of this despite dedicating a lot of time. Hope you enjoy it :)

Contribute at

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As usual, great stuff Cameron.

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Controlling is a bit harder - you can use numbers [1-0] now to send commands but not switch between aircraft yet.


You are the best at the age of 16! Thank you! Was waiting for joystick support for iOS. Although I have Windows, I am assuming by soon, you do not mean 3 months…

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YOU ARE KIDDING YAAAAAAA. To bad I’m still on vacation will have to wait…

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Was thinking more in the region of 2 years… ;)


Any release date for the Windows version?

Soon, when I finish it.


Okay, great! Take your time and keep up the good work!


Now all I need is a joystick and a new computer…


Good stuff! Highly recommend giving this a try! Especially those who cannot plug a joystick directly into their device.


Great work Cameron! Thank you so much for your effort, and this means a lot for iOS users. I have a quick question, though. Does Logitech Extreme 3D Pro work well on Macbook OSX system? I’m asking because the system requirement listed on the official website of Logitech for Extreme 3D Pro only included Windows systems.

The joystick itself must be connected via a cable to your computer. The only networking is from your computer to your device.

I have the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro myself. I was worried at first as well, as it said it only works for Windows systems, but I can assure you it works on Mac OS X as well. It works beautifully with LiveFlight Connect in fact. No problems at all.


Many thanks for the help! I’m gonna put that joystick in my shopping cart now. Can’t wait to get my hands on that. :D


Joystick is the way to go.

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Great job Cameron! Now, just to wait for the win version… Looks good though.

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Great job to make wonderful things and volunteering to make these stuff !

Sorry guys but carmalanso should start to make a few of these for money because it isn’t fair for him and his time when he could be doing other things !

Great work !!!


Well… It’s completely his decision to dedicate his time to help this great community😄

Yes that’s also true aswell

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Do you know how long it will take for you to complete the windows version