Joysticks on iOS/Android over the network | LiveFlight Connect

It’s nearly ready.

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absolute brilliant work!!!


I just set it up and tried it right away on a flight in the hawaiian area on the expert server.

It’s just cool, especially as you can assign functions to the buttons of the joystick!!
makes life so much easier, flaps, trim, brakes, light (landing & strobe)!!
…and , of course, now we talk serious sim with being able to use the joystick

My setup was the joystick with the connect app, Life Flight Flight Tracker on the big MAC screen and IF on my iPAD PRO

rgds and many thanks

Clipper 747pa


Thanks for the kind words @Clipper747PA! Really happy to read about your awesome setup :)


…you deserve it, really great work and an immense contribution to the IF experience!

by the way, … I was looking for a tool, that enables me to either

  • connect iPad screens (in my case the Air with IF running and the PRO just to display whats on the Air)

  • or to use two devices to display out of the same IF session (e.g. cockpit & tower view at the same time)

  • or to use the display of a large Mac screen to mirror the content of the iPad with the IF session running.

Do you know a tool that is capable of doing one or more features of the ones described above, or even better, are you working on something like this?

best regards

Clipper 747PA

I’ll send you a message in a few mins. Might be able to help :)

thank you very much for your quick response …but take your time ;-)


I did some PM with Cameron and thanks to his patience, commitment and knowledge I was able to set up the following hardware/software arrangement, which, to be honest, is a quantum leap for me with regard of realism, handling, experience and fun with IF.

I used the following tools:

  • iPAD PRO (IOS 9.2) with IF running
  • iMac (27", year 2011, OS X, 10.10.15)
  • Logitech Extreme 3D pro (just plugged into the MAC)
  • Life Flight Connect (via local WiFi connected to the iPad)
  • iPad PRO connected to the iMAC via Lightning cable
  • Quicktime on the iMac
  • Life Flight Tracker in windowed mode or in my case on an iPad Air (IOS 9.2)
    One does not need high end devices though, to make this work!! (see below)

I just compiled the basic info for the setup, which would always be the same in the Apple world

for the usage of a joystick:
a) joystick (e.g. from Logitech) with USB port
b) Live Flight Connect app
a) connected and b) installed on an iMac or a Macbook
c) a gaming device with IF running (e.g. an iPhone, or any iPad)
d) a local WiFi with both devices hooked on

for the usage of a bigger screen
a) a large screen (e.g. an iMac or a Macbook)
b) a gaming device with IF running (e.g. iPhone or iPad)
c) a Lightning cable to connect the gaming device with the iMac or iBook
d) Quick Time (always installed on Apple products) as the interface tool to mirror the gaming device screen
This link explains it:

I tried to combine both at the same time and it works perfectly well!!

add on’s

  • LiveFlight Flight Tracker (
    • either in windowed mode parallel to the mirrored gaming device screen
    • or on a second device, if available

I will try to connect my FSX yoke, throttle quadrant with flaps and speed brake lever and many many assignable buttons via Live Flight Connect app and see if it works also. I keep you updated;-)

If your joystick has some buttons, take advantage of Camerons’s tool Live Flight Connect and assign buttons, e.g. for
landing lights
strobes (my favorite)
and so on.

You will see how much faster you will be able to react, but still correctly!

Folks, try it! its worth it.

…and again all credit goes to Cameron for his incredible tools!

happy Landing



Can you do the same set up after live connect is released for windows?

Setup will be much the same, I’ll adapt it accordingly :)

A very comprehensive post @Clipper747PA! Good job :)

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its possible to use without wifi? because my Mac have a wifi with enormous bug.

If you can connect your Mac via ethernet to the wifi router, you should be fine :)

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yes… but without a ethernet cable?
it works by USB?

Nope. Has to be networked one way or another.

For the connect app to recognize that both IF and the joystick are connected, it needs wifi

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I need help, both devices are on the same wifi network but the screen still shows “Connecting”. I enabled bluetooth. Please help.

You lucky guy…

Have you enabled Connect in Infinite Flight settings?

Also, no need for Bluetooth :)

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Yea I have.

I’ll get back to you on this later, some others are having a similar issue and I might be onto something.

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