Joysticks on Infinite Flight?

Is it true that you could use a joystick on Infinite Flight, or is it a WiP? And if so, how well does it react to the simulator? If it’s actually a thing, I might use my old PS4 controller haha.

I’m pretty sure there are secondary apps for IF you can use to connect, pretty sure one of them is called “Live Connect”. Also I wouldn’t know how it would work because I just stick with the good ol’ twist the device hahah

Joysticks work, they have done for years now with good results. Search up for some topics, there are plenty showing off people’s set ups, tutorials etc

Thanks man:)

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I’ll check it out. thank you:))!

Joysticks do work. With Android it’s straight plug & play. With iOS you need to download LiveFlight Connect in order to use your joystick with Infinite Flight.

PS4 & Xbox controllers work but I wouldn’t recommend them. Really not a great experience. We talked about it a little here also:

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