Joysticks and LiveFlight Connect (iOS)


I have my Windows PC and my iPad Mini - I just can’t get the Infinite flight App to recognize me moving my joystick, I can’t set it up!

the LiveFlight Connect App recognizes Infinite Flight
I have IF Connect Enabled
ForeFlight Link Enabled

Yet my joystick will not work on IF - Anyone know why?

Joystick : Saitek X52

P.S - It works perfectly with Mac, but I don’t usually use my Mac.

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Go to settings then controls and tap “pitch network controller” and move you joystick up and down…

Do this with roll but sway it from left to right

Click the unassigned yaw and move your yaw controller on the joystick

Some with throttle but move to throttle controller instead…

I am 80% sure you did this but just to make sure…

Yep, I did this, a lot of times :) Thanks

@IceBlue read the original topic:

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