I’ve got an iPad which is the best joystick for it??

Any joystick that’s supported. I would personally recommend the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, though.


I have been enjoying my thrustmaster T-Flight hotas x flight stick, the one thing to keep in mind is that there is a hold at 50%. I’ve grown custom to it; but when I first started to use it, I didn’t like it.

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How do you plug it in to your iPad with usb? Adapter

No, you have to use LiveFlight Connect - more on that in the topic I linked above.

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Is it worth it or if you had the chance another one??

For the money I would definitely keep the thrustmaster t hotas x flight stick, but if money wasn’t a factor? I would probably get the thrustmaster warthog or Saitek X52.

But how do I get the app cause it won’t let me download it off the iPad store

It’s only available on Windows and Mac OS X.

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That would be a so nice to have

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Ok so I can’t get it on iPad then??

You can’t run Windows nor Mac OS X on an iPad, so no.

Oh I need a joystick for iPad

Anyone who can help I’ll be very grateful

Can you use that for iPad??

You cannot use a joystick directly with an iPad.

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How would I be Able to then??

Through a computer using LiveFlight Connect.

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