Ok so I got the Logitech joystick but the movements are not very precise. Like I move the stick a little bit but it moves the in game yoke a lot and some times it freezes on me. So it is almost impossible to land. Could anyone tell me why?

Try going into control settings and readjust the sensitivity of the controls. Try recalibrating your joystick as well.

I did but it still is doing stuff like over correcting even on the lowest sensitivity.

How much are you moving the joystick - a lot?, very little?

Very little like maybe and inch to the left or right

Ok now i’m vexed

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Could it be my internet

Possibly but unlikely.

Speaking of which - are you using a wired or wireless connection

Wired for the joystick

I Have The Same Problem With My Yoke!

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Oh dear… @schyllberg…little help here - I gtg have a karate class now :P

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Hey there.

I have experienced the same thing you are describing multiple times in the month that I’ve owned my Logitech joystick. What I’ve found is that it is mainly my internet connection. One time, I was on short final, and I had already disconnected my A/P, and then all of a sudden the joystick didn’t respond. I ended the flight to avoid crashing. After, I unplugged the joystick from the computer, restarted LiveFlight, restarted my iPad, and restarted my whole internet connection. Here is what I would do:

  • 1.) Unplug joystick from computer, plug it back in after about 10 secs, then restart LiveFlight.

  • 2.) If that doesn’t work, restart your device and computer.

  • 3.) If that fails, forget the WiFi network you are currently on (as in, do a network reset on both your device and your computer).

  • 4.) Lastly, restart your internet connection (unplug router for at least 10 seconds, then plug back in).

The last thing I noticed from my experience is that if you have too many devices connected to the same WiFi network at the same time (and in use simultaneously), it hinders LiveFlight’s ability to correctly process joystick commands, as there is a high volume of traffic being thrown at your network. To combat this, experiment limiting devices’ ability to connect to the network. I would start out with only connecting your device and computer to the same network, as this would ease the traffic/data strain.

One final thing: on some routers, there are both 2.4ghz and 5ghz frequencies available to connect to. While it is advertised that 5ghz offers faster speeds than 2.4ghz, my joystick performed poorly to the former frequency. Try connecting to the “normal” 2.4 ghz band. :)

I hope you find this info useful ;)

Thanks so much

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It is mainly WiFi Lag in my opinion

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