Could you please tell me what joystick work for Android
Check this out!

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Basically any joystick that has a USB connection. You just plug it into an OTG cable and plug the OTG cable into your phone/tablet. Then set it up in the “controls” part of the settings in the app.

I can confirm that my Saitek Cyborg Evo works. Yes it is old :)

Logitech 3D pro

What are some good, affordable, joysticks that (will eventually) work with IOS on IF

Look my previous post

Can you attach the throttle

Does this one work?
thrustmaster t-flight hotas x

Would this work with an iPhone 5? Obviously, the connector would be different, but do you know if it would be compatible?

I don’t know if there are any USB OTG equivalent adapters for iPhone. I’ve heard there are not, but I’ve never looked myself.

There will be a solution for using a joystick plugged into a computer that connects to IF over your home WiFi.

Cool! Is this WiFi connection feature available already?

Technically yes, but there isn’t an application officially released yet that would go on your computer to make the connection. In the app settings at the bottom there is ‘Infinite Flight Connect’. That is what will enable this. :)

Do not know