I am thinking about buying a joystick for iOS in advance. So can someone tell me whether this works with android:


This one will work, this is the joystick devs tested with.

Wow wonderful. Wonder why it says “PC and Mac”

You ask about buying a joystick for ios but ask if it works with Android. So which do you want it to work with?

Currently joysticks are only supported on Android by directly connecting them to your device with a USB OTG cable. Most basic joysticks will work for this.

For ios you will need to wait for another application to be released so it will work over the network.

can i use this joystick on my phone S4 galaxy

Yes I am 99% sure.

Do you know where i buy it . Because I don’t know use these sites I am from South Africa

You could try Amazon, don’t know if that’s a good site for you or not.

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I have tried by buying through the website but I can’t

I work with iOS

The reason I did that is because if it works for android, it probably works with iOS.

How should it be connected to the iOS device ? O_O ? With a adapter or ? Will it actally work, isnt it only Android ? 😊

Imagine playing IF with this 😀

It will come out for iOS soon. Thought it was going to be in the A321 update tho…

I’ve bought this one :)

I am soon getting my android adapter, will let you know if it works :)!

(Phantom hawk costs 50% less than that logitech extreme, but I tested the joke and it feels good.)

I can now confirm that the product above is fully functioning with infinite flight and works perfectly! A big plus is that it is cheap too ;)

If you need help finding an adapter that works for android here you go

I have both of them and they are one of the cheapest out there ^^ Happy flying

Would be awesome :)! I miss flying a Sim with a Joystick. hole another experince :)!

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What do I need to make it work for my iPad and other iOS devices

nag on live flight dev haha

Has anybody used Saitek joysticks. Would you know If It’s usable on android? Thinking of this in particular: Cyborg F.L.Y. 5 USB Flightstick

Anyone in particular that doesn’t work on android?


I used Saitek Aviator. very good flight stick.