Joystick/Yoke disconnects mid-flight

I recently bought a Yoke for IF and i got it to connect and everything but i went on a 3hour flight and in the middle of the flight it disconnects and it’s pretty much impossible to land your aircraft. Is there any suggestions to make this stop happening.

I would first reset it. If it still happens don’t hammer it but contact the company and third what model is it. Plus it could be your Bluetooth

What kind of device are you using Infinite Flight on?
Is it connected via OTG cable or are you using any other way of connection?

Also… It wouldn’t be “pretty much impossible to land your flight”… Just disconnect the device, reset controls and you’re back to using the accelerometer in your device. Nothing to difficult 😉

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If your connected using the live flight app via WiFi, it could be your router/modem. I have this same issue from time to time. Cameron of Liveflight had suggested resetting your router frequently. Just simply turn off and turn back on. It solved my problem, I reset mine about once a week. Makes my entire houses internet better!

I’m using a USB to connect to the computer. Than i connect my iPad to the computer

If you could provide more information it would be helpful. Are you using the Liveflight connect app? I have a similar problem where the Liveflight app crashes randomly. (Usually when I have to make an amazing landing with many spectators).

Do you have the option in your router to have 2G and 5G internet? If so, you have to make sure that both your device and the computer you are using are connected to the same type.

Sometimes the joystick won’t connect at all, and you will have to manually land the plane and restart IF.

To avoid this issue I recommend you fly on autopilot for as long as possible and manually only on final. Sometimes even that doesn’t work. Just restart the liveflight connect app and hope it reconnects before you crash. Unfortunately after all this time I haven’t found a fix.

Thanks I’m not sure what G internet i have but thanks i will try advice

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