Joystick working for Latest IOS update now!

Which device you are running iOS on?

iPhone 7 IOS 14.6

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Are you using live flight connect to use the joystick or what program are you using because I’m currently using live flight connect and it keeps disconnecting but I haven’t updated my phone just yet, so just curious if you are then I can’t wait to go ahead and install this update on my iPhone.

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I’m using live flight connect

Is it stable?

I will present you with two alternatives. That you will have to download and test and another option you will have to make an investment @Raptor_416

Map Connect - Use your Joystick and Keyboard to fly!

IFJoystickPi - connect your joystick devices to IF using a Raspberry Pi! (Free Beta)

Hope this helps🙂🙏


yes so far no problems, just make sure to update IF or else joystick wont be detected. im gonna try an overnight flight from Duabi to Toronto with a 777-300. hope it works for you guys!


For me it’s detected and working good but haven’t done a flight to check it’s stability and responsiveness…

Great brother! Hope to see you in the skies.

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Hey mine is slightly delayed. Is this the same with your version ?

@Raptor_416 forgot to tag

You must update the app and your android/ios

I have tho

Hehehehehehehehehheheh I got the same thing and Im getting the same Joystick

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Wait what do you use to connect the joystick to the game???

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Liveflight connect

I have updated it


Did u check it out and is it working fine ?

Got my Joystick!

Does Liveflight work with Mac