Joystick with Mac/iOS

What software are people using to connect their joystick to the IF? I tried Map-Connect but it didn’t worked (Map-Connect did successfully connect to the IF and Map-Connect did recognize my joystick, but input was not registered to the IF itself.) Any software recommendation?

Did you manage to talk to Map-connect developer?


This is what the developers of Map Connect have said, about a month ago.

I’d suggest continuing in that same thread.


Given that, I’ll suggest the one that currently IFRaspberryPi. Map-connect is very good too.

I’ve read that thread, and I thought asking them for a help now isn’t the best idea.

This didn’t work for me(I don’t have a linux environment)

Update on this: map-connect suddenly decided to work

As far as I’m aware, a java executable should work in a JVM on a non-linux device. Sadly I don’t have my joystick with me to try at the moment, but it might still be worthy of a try. Just search up how to run a ,jar file on your platform and you should be good

I did managed to run a IFJoystickPi and it connected to the IF successfully, but it didn’t recognize my joystick (I couldn’t install a required package). Homebrew doesn’t have a package I needed (joystick).

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